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  1. Essmith94

    Wheel OffSet of Bronco Wildtrak?

    It is it is known...
  2. Essmith94

    Bronco Orders can now be processed!!

    So how many reservations and allocations do you have at your dealership?
  3. Essmith94

    Is this guy implying his dealership is not gonna stick to timestamp and order date?

    Watched that last night. Pretty sure that his dealer is not going to have a say on if that guy will get a Bronco.... they can submit his order but his time stamp will determine if it falls within their allocation. Sounds like the Dealer thinks that they can play favorites.....
  4. Essmith94

    Bronco allocations released to dealers

    This is getting ridiculous... if I can’t get a MY21 Bronco with a day 2 reservation but some with mid-Aug reservations can based on dealer allocation something is seriously wrong.
  5. Essmith94

    Body Color / Roof Color combos...what works and what doesn't

    I’m sorry but AMB (Anti-Matter Black 😂) does not look good with the Gray MIC Hardtop. It’s even worse if you get a Wildtrak..... Best is probably A51 on a Badlands, like the Overland Concept build.
  6. Essmith94

    Body Color / Roof Color combos...what works and what doesn't

    Agree... except on my Wildtrak with a black grill, black mirror caps and black rims.... gray top no bueno....
  7. Essmith94

    Aftermarket Steering Wheel Options

    I couldn’t help myself 😂😊😂
  8. Essmith94

    Ford Ordering Email received today

    the good news in that is the inclusion of the word “Summer” related to the Mod Top!!
  9. Essmith94

    Bronco Pickup Truck design sketch discovered in Ford video?!

    Reminds me of some the Hiluxs we saw running around AFG.
  10. Essmith94

    #258 Cactus Gray Sasquatch Outer Banks 4 door on a frosty morning 👀

    I know it’s an off-road vehicle so we will have to get use to the SAS “beauty mark” constantly on the door. Guess there is no way around it but I hope we don’t start getting road rash from rocks.
  11. Essmith94

    Help with my decision

    Casey, with you living in Chesapeake I would think that getting the MGV and washout floors would be a must with the sand and beach for the trips you are hopefully going to make down to Duck and Corolla!!! Besides... you dont want to sweat on that leather in the summer when you have the doors...
  12. Essmith94

    Who “wants” to be delayed???

    My decision is more based on what I want to look at everyday in the long run. Is it worth getting my Bronco a few months earlier but have to settle for a MIC Gray Top... or wait a couple of months to get the Shadow Black Modular Top? I am in the camp of waiting for the SBMT and not settling...
  13. Essmith94


    First thing I am adding..... calling it the "one-time" modular and very capable bumper.... just need the sawsall to remove the "end-caps"! :cool:
  14. Essmith94

    Caught up in the hype......

    I’m not that far behind you... 88 Fox body... all 225HP and we thought they were glorious!
  15. Essmith94

    Caught up in the hype......

    With that kind of first hand knowledge of early 80s Mustangs are you sure you want to wait a few years? 😎
  16. Essmith94

    Warn Winch option negates driver assist benefits of the High/Lux package?

    Funny... I will happily eat pinapple pizza off of my MGV seats under the shade of my Gray MIC top and and not complain once!
  17. Essmith94

    Warn Winch option negates driver assist benefits of the High/Lux package?

    I completely agree. I am getting the Lux package. I wanted to get the Warn Winch as well but don’t want to if it is going to negate half of what I bought. So looks like I will wait on aftermarket for a better winch option or wait until Ford proves that it will all work together.