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  1. Carmaker1

    Breaking news: January ordering, Summer delivery, Black First Edition interior, no manual Sasquatch & more

    I have tried to search here and confirm if already mentioned, but just wanted folks to know start of production is now May 3, 2021 and no longer March 22, 2021. This can mean 6-8 weeks to delivery, particularly if our suppliers are able to get back in the groove quicker and the pandemic is...
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    2022 Ranger Raptor Consideration

    😏 Not gonna comment...
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    2022 Ranger Raptor Consideration

    Yes, that's much better, but it still remains to be seen. Ford Performance Bronco is also coming much sooner than I mentioned.
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    Dealership dummies depress me

    @Vigor, my brother that is so disappointing to hear, but not surprising. I strongly commend the understanding many people have shown towards Vigor's experience (based on things they can't hide/change) and I am gravely disappointed at any rather insensitive remarks in response to what @Vigor...
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    2022 Ranger Raptor Consideration

    That's not accurate at all.
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    Bronco Pricing Realities & Toyota Alternatives

    Sorry, but that's not entirely accurate, but close. Out of curiosity, I got in touch with some Toyota contacts in Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Plano, and Newport Beach early this year. I was curious about the model cadence for TNGA-F vehicles, off the record. Land Cruiser is first, which will definitely...
  7. Carmaker1

    2 door rear seats NOT removable

    That is absolutely inaccurate. It doesn't work like that at all, in which at this point in time the interior design would not be finished. Prototype may not represent the exact final configurations (on display), but U725 interior designs have been frozen for more than a year. These things have...
  8. Carmaker1

    Bronco design boss Paul Wraith talks Bronco secrets and design process

    As I had said before during development, I knew it that 3 years would have elapsed between approval of the final designs in June/July 2018 and market launch in June 2021. I said to higher-ups for the longest time that trying to cut development time doesn't always work and you'll always need to...
  9. Carmaker1

    First Bronco delivery schedule has changed. First shipment now “mid-2021”

    April-May 2021. I consider April to be mid of any year and Jan-March to be "early". April-August is mid-2021, September-Dec is late. At this point though, I wonder if 2022 model-year becomes January 2022 to space things out? And if FP Bronco arrives Q4 2022/Q1 2023?
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    ford nailed the look of bronco. land rover chit the bed with the defender

    As a former Jaguar Land Rover engineer, who lived in Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK and later Solihull, working in JLR Whitley in Coventry and sometimes from Gaydon development Centre, there is a lot of information on what happened. A very instrumental reason in why I left JLR in 2016 and returned...
  11. Carmaker1

    M/T Article: 2022 Bronco Raptor

    The following information is inaccurate. The upcoming Ford Performance Bronco is MY 2023. Correct, but 392 Wrangler will arrive for MY 2022 around June 2021. After nearly 4 years in production since November 2017, JL Wrangler gets a refresh as I predicted some 4 years ago. V8 might've been...
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    Bronco Warthog "Raptor" to Launch as 2023 Model Year

    Yes, that would be the right decision to make. Good work by the way and congratulations on your moderating position.
  13. Carmaker1

    Bronco Warthog "Raptor" to Launch as 2023 Model Year

    Did you create that yourself actually?
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    Real Life Pics: Black 2021 Bronco 4 Door – Doors Off, Middle Roof Removed

    That's far from any dealership. That's HQ. Nope, this isn't Wayne Plant. A PDC studio.
  15. Carmaker1

    Bronco Sport Production Started Already?

    :cautious: Pilot production.
  16. Carmaker1

    Bronco Warthog "Raptor" to Launch as 2023 Model Year

    There will be 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder powertrains. I do not work on this very program, but nearly married to T6 engineer (U725, P703, U704). My work concerns flagship trucks. Bronco is way more important than a Ranger, but it's more of a halo like Mustang and GT is the flagship of halo products.
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    Bronco Warthog "Raptor" to Launch as 2023 Model Year

    Working very hard to ensure 2021 1/2 model year launch. This comes the following calendar year.