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  1. Dealers are going to make a killing off of the Bronco

    It’s unfortunate dealers are like this. They perform the job everyday. Most people buy a new car every 3-10 years. Do your homework. If you can’t talk openly with your dealer without feeling reservations, find a new dealer.
  2. Have you seen the ‘21 Wranglers with white tops?

    Title says it all. Not a fan. I hope Ford does it right for those that are interested in a white top. I am not but admit a white top door handles and grille would probably look nice on the bronco.
  3. Why didn't I think of this sooner?!

    Apparently some people haven’t lived long enough to realize just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
  4. Can't find a list of X-Plan companies

    All the dealers can do is price you for an assumed x plan price. Pin is irrelevant because they don’t get compensated by ford since it is ineligible. Usually on xplan dealers get siphoned. It is a ford program where they can only give you set pricing with no addons. This was partially to build...
  5. Garage Door Opener

    In the trucks it is just a homelink in the visor. I presume it would be the same but you may be correct.
  6. 15+ Bronco builds from the factory 🥔🐎♨️

    That’s great. Does ford use coaxials? Meaning those 4 locations would be 2 way (8) plus the sub and a center channel. Thanks.
  7. 15+ Bronco builds from the factory 🥔🐎♨️

    Per order guide. Get wheels with standard or optional tires.
  8. Badlands Build and Price 'quirk' I experienced

    Badlands and fe will have the worst fuel economy. Oem roof rails will most likely need a compatible vehicle vin for them to order initially. Headliner is just glued on. You will be able to get oem or aftermarket and diy.
  9. Badlands Build and Price 'quirk' I experienced

    If you have ever bought a new truck, you would understand gvwr and payload issue. Badlands 4 door is just very heavy and has options limited. ‘22 will be lighter supposedly but lose features to achieve this. At 6180 pounds gvwr and 1100 pounds payload that is the reason there is no roof rack...
  10. 😍 4-Door Oxford White Badlands (@ MAP)

    How does the mic top look compared to the earlier ones? The only vehicle I have seen to base it on is the overland 4 door a51 at super cel east in October. I’m still torn on mod black/mic. Thank You!
  11. What exactly is the benefit to choosing to wait for MY22?

    With inevitable price increase.. if you want a ‘22 top buy a ‘21 and pay for the top when it comes out. You will be further ahead. As far as the seats if they change, you can buy the new seat covers for a fraction of the cost of waiting and again price increases. Ford will not come out with a...
  12. When Will I Get My BRONCO?? - Granger Ford

    Weigh the door off top off experience. If that is not what you need or want then there are a lot of vehicles in the 35-50 range that fit the bill.
  13. Roseville Future Ford

    As long as you cya when you order DONT just get a signed preview order from wbdo. Get a contract with all line items including vehicle details title tax plate down payment etc.
  14. Roseville Future Ford

    They would have to honor the pricing that X plan would be. X plan lowers fees but that would not be the case because it is not backed by ford. Ford issues the pins and no pin will be issued if they don’t honor it.
  15. What # in line are you at your selected dealership?

    Because this is a reserve to order with no dealer stock which is unlike a typical order, I don’t think priority codes are used in the same manner. IMO
  16. What To Do?

    Get a ‘22. Don’t be pushed into something you don’t want. You can get a badlands in ‘22 with all the same items. A first edition late in the year kind of defeats the purpose. Unless you are getting the only color you can’t get on the other models which still wouldn’t do it for me. 65k for a...
  17. Can dealers order units for their customers in whatever order they choose.

    This is why dealers don’t reveal allocation numbers to the public. It’s better to be vague so you don’t disappoint. Especially because they don’t know the conversion rate. People cancel and switch daily. The final number at the end of March will let ford figure out whether to increase or...
  18. Does factory Floor Liners option includes cargo area?

    They give you a small credit from swapping your carpet mats for the rubber ones. That is the $15. If you don’t think that is enough credited back, you only get $50 credit for trading your carpeted floors to vinyl in a new super duty.