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  1. Mid Options Package - too much to break?

    I realize this will be different for everyone but this is how I view things in the mid-package. Now is any of that absolutely need? For me, outside of the Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking and maybe BLIS, I'd say probably not. Its an expanded convenience pack. I'm going...
  2. 2021 Bronco GCWR & maximum loaded trailer weight (from 2021 Ford Towing Guide)

    I think max tow for the tremor drops to 7200 lbs. Still pretty good. Also the ranger runs a leaf spring setup(Tremor adds a 2nd leaf) in the rear which is probably part of the reason it can tow as much as it does.
  3. Weak that fog lights not included with the modular bumper

    As far as I can tell the Capable bumper that is a B&P option on the Base, BB, OBX, and WT is very similar to this. It can't currently be optioned through the B&P on the BD, BL, or FE. I don't know if this is 100% intentional or a bug. I like the idea of having factory wiring for fog lights to...
  4. Black Diamond Builds

    I think the seat material is the same grade. There is speculation that the BL has MGV on some of the door surfaces and the dash where the BD may have harder/cheaper plastics. Most of this is based of images of prototypes thus far but again, prototypes.
  5. 2021 F-150 Tremor Revealed!

    Also comes with 1-pedal and trail turn assist. F150 is going to be out with bronco features before the bronco. If these start around $45-48k might be a decent overland alternative to a 4dr bronco. Edit: Haha, no way are these starting under $50k. A Crew XL with just the 3.5 Eco and 4x4 is...
  6. Submit Your Bronco Questions For This Week’s Off-Road Expo Appearance

    Can the BD/BL/FE be optioned with the capable front bumper for those who want factory fog lights? (Not currently available in the B&P) If not, will there be a factory fog option for the modular front bumper with a dedicated switch or will be forced to wire aftermarket fogs to the AUX switch panel?
  7. $2000 off Invoice on October Bronco Reservations at Granger Ford

    Count me in. Vehicle: Bronco Series: Badlands Date reservation placed: 10/30/2020 Reservation ID number: 10525240 Your Ford Dealer: Granger Motors, Inc. Deposit payment value: US$100.00
  8. Ford Options to AVOID?

    I saw this too and believe its another one of the "bugs" with the B&P. I think it should say "winch capable" bumper. That leads me to believe the standard "heavy-duty" bumper is not setup to mount a winch and you need to "upgrade" to the (winch) "capable" one if you want the mounting plate...
  9. Spam takeover

    For now just Report the post and ignore the user to remove the threads from your list.
  10. Washout floor, rubber floor mats, rear AC / heat air vents in 4 door Bronco Overland build

    I think it was stated a while back by ford the 2-door does not have rear vents. Only 4-door gets them.
  11. Options to limit pinstriping?

    I'd be interested in doing something like Line-X Ultra down the road but not on a fresh vehicle. It also probably isn't cheap.
  12. All Bronco Colors Painted Bodies Close Up Walkthrough

    Area 51 has called to me from day one but now I'm waffling between A51 and Iconic Silver. Still hoping to put eyes on with actual paint before placing an order. Also still wishing there was some shade of green as an option.
  13. Invoice Pricing- False Advertisement? Granger & Georgia

    Well of course it's the dealer 10mins from my house. I didn't reserve there but at this point it's starting to feel like us GA residents will have to head out of state just to get anything under MSRP much less invoice.
  14. All Broncos sold out?

    I believe I read that you can switch dealers, I'm not sure how to do it though.
  15. Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    Count me in for a 4Dr BD. Not sure what options, if any, depends on pricing. Leaning toward Cactus Gray or Area 51.