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  1. Bronco allocations released to dealers

    I reached out to my dealer (Richmond Ford West). 50 allocations. I have a July 20 reservation and I'm number 103 in line. That puts me in the 99% range of not getting a 6th gen and enjoying my 4th gen I just bought. And I'll go wheeling in a 4 Runner for $7K less.
  2. I couldn't wait

    Well, after 6 months of dreaming about a bronco, i decided i wanted an old Bronco. Got this 88 with a 302 yesterday. Gonna play with this and probably buy a 4 Runner for $10k less than a new bronco that won't be here until the second dawning of the dinosaurs. I'll be excited to see the new ones...
  3. Test driving 2-door Bronco today!! [False Alarm]

    If this post has taught us anything it's to never trust a salesman.
  4. Test driving 2-door Bronco today!! [False Alarm]

    You know that salesman said 2 doors just to get him in the door. No one has a Bronco on their lot. Only sports.
  5. Test driving 2-door Bronco today!! [False Alarm]

    No you're not. You're test driving a Sport. With 4 doors. They lie.
  6. Bronco spotted with possible front license plate placement (pics)

    Zip ties will look better than that horseshit.
  7. $500 Additional Required Ford deposit - Coming at order time!

    Up to the dealer. Some requiring none. Some requiring $500. I've seen some requiring $1000.
  8. Current truck owners.

    Keep the truck, buy the Bronco. That's what we're doing - instead of upgrading my wife's tundra right now ('13 with 175k miles), we're getting a bronco and keeping the tundra.
  9. 12/3/20 update from Friendly Ford in Las Vegas

    Well, that email was vague and provided no additional information.
  10. Email from Dealer orders opening next week

    My dealer said that ordering banks open next Monday and that we'll get an email from Ford when it's our turn.
  11. Lightweight Overlanding Camper/trailers ideal for BRONCO

    These things are expensive. I've thought about buying a box trailer and using that to store and haul camping gear. And maybe installing some folding beds to attach to the walls.
  12. Heated steering wheel

    Heated steering wheel comes standard with a windshield and a hot summer sun.
  13. Bronco and Bronco Sport coming to Mammoth, California Dec 4-6

    Just saw this on Instagram.
  14. Invoice pricing for some 2021 Bronco packages and options

    The storage bags on the B&P are only for the hard top. No bags for just doors and on-vehicle storage.
  15. Invoice pricing for some 2021 Bronco packages and options

    About $1600 cheaper than I had estimated off B&P.
  16. Spare Tire Cover?

    My '83 had that cover. I would like to have one.