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  1. Heffe66413

    💰Official 2021 Bronco INVOICE Price / MSRP Price List [Jan 19]

    The cost with a lease - it is automatically included in the build price. Maybe it will be subtracted out?
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    For those concerned about the cost of the new Bronco...

    People value their vehicles differently . Some see it as transportation only. Some enjoy the feeling every time they crawl into the drivers seat. There is a bronco for every one - if that’s what you want. Cars are expensive but a base bronco is still a good vehicle at a price competitive with...
  3. Heffe66413

    What Bronco Swag has your dealer gifted you?

    Come on you guys - you can’t expect a free $2 mug when your only spending 40-50 thousand dollars with your dealer. Those mugs are reserved for the top end Mercedes, Porsche and Lexus buyers. Lol
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    Rumor of Only 40,000 Converted Builds for MY 2021

    If you “ have to have anything” you are a screwed goose in life. We can’t control how many they make or when we will get ours- so why waste a moment in life worry about it. Just order what you want from where you want and wait.
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    Indiana Bronco

    Your 12/5 reservation is a 12/5 reservation, no matter where you buy. If you can get a good deal place your reservation and’ll be ahead of everyone after you. If you can’t get a good deal wait till the ordering for 2022 come out and maybe some dealers will be offering some type of...
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    Dealer used my reservation and ordered a Bronco without my knowledge, on hold with Ford customer care now! 😡

    You don’t want the $100. If it were that easy every dealer would just start coverting reservations - regardless of what was ordered, and charge any price they want to , and when a customer complains just offer them their 100 back. Then when it comes in they sell it for a inflated price.
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    Dealer used my reservation and ordered a Bronco without my knowledge, on hold with Ford customer care now! 😡

    I disagree. If it was worthless , ford would not have required 100 dollars. That didn’t guarantee you a vehicle - depending on what Ford did, but I think the argument is that it did guarantee you the same reservation process as every other reservation holder . The dealer- not ford motor company...
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    Dealer used my reservation and ordered a Bronco without my knowledge, on hold with Ford customer care now! 😡

    If that was to happen to me, I’d tell the dealer to fix it. If the dealer did not fix it, I’d document everything, take the vehicle when it comes in and the sue for the difference between the shady dealer and the best price you would have gotten had you been allowed to transfer. Then depending...
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    Those still waiting to hear from their dealer since they reserved (not A,D or Z plan)

    I have 2 reservations. One dealers called after I made the reservation in July. I haven’t heard anything else from him in spite of having sent him two emails. The other dealer has reached out several times, kept me Informed, let me know in detail the order process and in reality - what to...
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    Indiana Bronco

    Who did you call? I was under impression we can change dealers until March 19th when the order banks close.
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    When Will I Get My BRONCO?? - Granger Ford

    You can control a lot of things in life- but you can never get time back . 6 months to a 25 year old doesn’t have the same value as 6 months to a 90 year old.
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    Folks with 2 Reservations...

    Better investment is to invest the money. Assuming a 45000 bronco, 6% annual return rate for 25 years - you would have $227,885.24 in the bank.
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    When Will I Get My BRONCO?? - Granger Ford

    I value reliable Information the most- that way I can make an informed decision.
  14. Heffe66413

    Folks with 2 Reservations...

    You might break even but chances are you will not - why would someone want a used vehicle when they can order a brand new one ( just like they want ) at the same price or maybe less. )
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    Hypothetical ordering scenario

    If life was fair Ford would just send them out according to the time stamps ( and availability of parts). Of course Ford isn’t fair and as I always told my kids - life isn’t always fair.
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    Does factory Floor Liners option includes cargo area?

    The difference in price might be that the floor liners at 160 and 175 contain the word bronco whereas the 135 might just say ford. ( look very carefully at B&P interior photos with the liner selection.)