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  1. OregonHighlander

    2021 Bronco Accessories List + Pricing & Part Numbers [PDF]

    I ordered my Bronco today but most of these accessories CANNOT be ordered. Not in my case but they were supposed to be orderable with your order, bundled, so you could finance them. Parts Department said they cannot order them. Do we know when these items can be ordered? The deal was also...
  2. OregonHighlander

    Delay - Commodity Constraints

    Just curious, why would the 2 door be a commodity constraint? They are about 20% of the it's not that their is a "run" on for the 2 door.
  3. OregonHighlander

    Pods Lights or Light Bar?

    DOES ANYONE KNOW; why will B&P NOT allow you to order BOTH the mirror pod lights and the light bar?????? (Black Diamond, I do not believe it is a weight constraint issue).
  4. OregonHighlander

    2021 Bronco Accessories List + Pricing & Part Numbers [PDF]

    I have done this to several, especially the winch....nothing shows up. Dealer can't even get them to come up in their system.
  5. OregonHighlander

    2021 Bronco Accessories List + Pricing & Part Numbers [PDF]

    SOMETHING I JUST SAW, UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER OF PAGE 1: "Pricing does not include install". FORD stated clearly that if you ordered accessories at the time you ordered your Bronco that FORD would pay to the dealer the installation costs. (which is why many believed some things were priced...
  6. OregonHighlander

    Another Delay? [False]

    I am in Oregon and I am a go. What Dealer is telling you this? (maybe they just don't want you in yet)
  7. OregonHighlander

    Wheel OffSet of Bronco Wildtrak?

    There are some wheels being made that will fit the Bronco. Some have said they have contacted wheel Dealers. It's a rush to get what they want and lack of availability. Told that production issues AND when the first stimulou$ checks came out....there was a run on people buying wheels. Now...
  8. OregonHighlander

    Molded in Color Top vs. Black Diamond Grille

    Fenders and Grill on Black Diamond are black. The top is Carbonized gray. The question...if they can color these tops gray, why cannot they produce all of them in black? Why did they chose gray. Just a little odd.
  9. OregonHighlander

    Wheel OffSet of Bronco Wildtrak?

    With all the various wheel types and sizes...we need to know for sure before committing to an after market wheel. I know some want to order them already. Thanks for that data.
  10. OregonHighlander

    Wheel OffSet of Bronco Wildtrak?

    YES....when will we have this data available. Not guesses, from FORD?
  11. OregonHighlander

    What are you giving up to get a Bronco ?

    $50K in cash.:p
  12. OregonHighlander

    Is this guy implying his dealership is not gonna stick to timestamp and order date?

    Some of the stuff he said is valid. FORD should have ended the reservation program....I would have ended it at 100K. Why still take reservations for units you can't deliver for a year away? Full fill reservations and then order banks are open as for any other vehicle. Could FORD have...
  13. OregonHighlander

    Who's Orders Are In? 1/19/2021......GO!

    Order banks are not supposed to open till noon today and they really want us to wait till the 20th to start.
  14. OregonHighlander

    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    One of those items FORD bragged about and "poof" disappeared.
  15. OregonHighlander

    Fog Lights and HD bumper

    Here is a solution: SAE J583 Compliant Selective Yellow Fog Light Pair D-Series Pro Street Legal Surface Mount Rigid Industries (
  16. OregonHighlander

    Any pics of the 3 factory/dealer graphics listed on the accessories pdf?

    ANYONE; So will Dealers have photos and more information on these various accessories off the latest PDF List? Or....ordering the stuff blind?
  17. OregonHighlander

    Fog Light Solution-Front Steel Bumper

    Comparison video: (4) Auxbeam vs. Rigid Industries - LED Light Comparison - YouTube
  18. OregonHighlander

    Fog Light Solution-Front Steel Bumper

    I ordered this as a solution for FOG LIGHTS for the front steel bumper. RIGID Brand to match factory ordered lighting equipment. It comes with mounts, wiring harness and a switch (won't need the switch if you have the overhead accessory switches. $294.00 Note: I will post as a comment a...
  19. OregonHighlander

    dealer just set up my order appointment for wednesday 1/20/21

    I am going in on Thursday to order my Cyber Orange 2 door Black Diamond!!!!!!!!!!!