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    Base Badlands w/ 33s vs Sasquatch w/ 35s final decision

    B&P is wrong. 4.7 is Sasquatch package or Manual badlands. This is made clear in the order guide. The order guides trumps B&P
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    Ford confirms a green 2022 Bronco color for MY22! *Not Filson Wildland Fire Rig Green*

    That's fair. I'm a fan of Jeep's Bikini Pearl, but it's too blue. Grabber Green would be the ticket for me, but I'd choose Mallard easily over all the 2021 colors.
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    Who else got in on Ford stock a few months ago?

    Don't sell yet. This should be a good year for Ford even with the mismanagement of the Bronco launch. The stock will continue to rise as long as Ford keeps pushing electrification/hybrids.
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    Velocity Blue

    It used to be late availability. Not anymore.
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    Dealer Charging a Premium over MSRP. How Do I Change Dealers?

    800-334-4375 You need to choose your dealer before you switch
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    MY22 Options you would like to see?

    Cold Weather Package - Like Jeep has Colors Needed: Tan Green White grille, door handles, etc... (hopefully this is what the heritage is) Light colored MGV
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    Dealer used my reservation and ordered a Bronco without my knowledge, on hold with Ford customer care now! 😡

    Dealers automatically converting reservations into orders?? Yikes. Looks like their end goal is to order as many as possible so they can sell them 10-15k over sticker when the res holder backs out because they were never sure they wanted to go through with the order in the first place.
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    Ford Estimated MPG Fuel Economy??

    Link to specific test if anyone's interested. There are 5 schedules used to determine the city/highway ratings. Fun Fact: Manufacturers test and certify their own fuel economy ratings. The EPA then conducts their own testing to verify on only 15%-20% of all vehicles...
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    I am converting my order Jan 20th. What should I expect?

    1. No offense, but you should have figured this out already. This is why we have the ability to change dealerships twice. You should have shopped around and be settled on your dealer by now. 2. Put them on yourself or wait for a '22 3. Yes. You can order from the parts dept. Just be aware you...
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    Any Reason to Buy From One Ford Dealer Over Another?

    1. Depends on the dealership 2. No, you can switch twice 3. No
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    News on further order submission delays (current dealer saying so)?

    Not surprised in the slightest... Doesn't bother me. I'll enjoy my ZR2 in the meantime.
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    Next Gen 2023 Ford Ranger Spied in First Look! [Updated with closeup pics]

    The front end looks the way it does because that design was never intended for North America. Look at the T6 Ranger platforms competition (Toyota Hilux, VW Amarok, Isuzu D-max, etc...) and you'll understand why it looks the way it does. Our truck market is completely different than the rest of...
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    Opinions on my delivery date

    With that late of a res, I would be happy with getting it before the year is over.
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    Next Gen 2023 Ford Ranger Spied in First Look! [Updated with closeup pics]

    That front end confirms (at least the headlight shape) the leaked render that came out Australia last year.