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  1. LandCruiser

    Raised white lettering on tire - yay or nay?

    They're not directional. The raised white lettering can go on the inside.
  2. LandCruiser

    Airbags sensitivity during off-roading?

    RSCA can and have deployed if you tilt too much. I assume the Bronco has none, like the Wrangler? Most off road adventures are below the threshold to deploy the front airbags.
  3. LandCruiser


    The near death of bench seats has been the biggest crime against trucks. We're not asking everyone to buy them, we just want the front bench to be an option if we want it. But then we'd have to make column shifters a common thing again.
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    Nothing like a carburetor that would crap out on a steep grade or require messing with the jets when driving in and out of the mountains... simple. And then there were the massive boat anchor engines that made zero hp but decent torque...
  5. LandCruiser

    Freep: Delay due to Bronco removable top supplier issue

    Do we get a free Ford ventilator with every Bronco purchase, or have those already been shipped off to Uganda with boxes of LA Rams Superbowl Champs hats and t-shirts?
  6. LandCruiser

    Freep: Delay due to Bronco removable top supplier issue

    You will never get the full story. There might have been problems sourcing materials or maybe the first run doesn't look right or fit well enough, or something else is out of spec and they leak or are prone to breakage...
  7. LandCruiser

    Freep: Delay due to Bronco removable top supplier issue

    Survivor was popular because of the perceived Schadenfreude, drama, and backstabbing that seems to occur on heavily scripted shows such as these. Supply chain hiccups can be nothing or cause for quality concerns.
  8. LandCruiser

    Consumer Reports 2020 Reliability Ratings - New Ford Vehicles Perform Poorly

    I love how Tesla delivers half assembled cars with bad panel fit, gouged interiors, broken windshields, electric gremlins and then the customers LOVE them for the privilege of owning something that makes a Trabant look reliable.
  9. LandCruiser

    Right hand drive conversion

    Prohibitively expensive. Like the cost of the vehicle and then fabricating all new parts if Ford has no interest in selling them in RHD markets.
  10. LandCruiser

    Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door SEMA Concept – First Live Pics! [Updated With Specs / Mods List]

    Needs huge MONSTER claw marks on the hood and an OAKLEY FACTORY PILOT stick on tint on the windshield.
  11. LandCruiser

    Has anyone spoken to a Ford salesman that actually knew as much as you do?

    My dealer has been incommunicado this entire process except at the beginning when the wanted to sell me a Bronco Sport.
  12. LandCruiser

    Factory Delivery Program?

    It's weird that destination charges for vehicles made literally halfway around the world and shipped on boats over oceans, storms, and Cthulhu and shit are the same if not less for something built in the US, thrown on an open car carrier and schlepped 2-3 states over.
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    Any one heard of Ford splitting their brand, Ford Brand and Bronco Brand? Like Dodge & Ram

    Do you really go to a RAM dealer, or do you just go to a Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/RAM dealer with the RAM truck stuff behind the Jeep stuff, next to garbage cans full of FIAT stuff and a dildo purple Challenger collecting dust in the middle of the showroom?
  14. LandCruiser

    Any one heard of Ford splitting their brand, Ford Brand and Bronco Brand? Like Dodge & Ram

    RAM! trucks are still sold at Dodge/Chrysler dealerships. Even Jeep, which is about as much of its own brand as anything, is typically sold alongside other FCA cars. Toyota tried to do this with Scion, and it was a spectacular failure. Also, remember when GMC literally forced its dealerships to...
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    What is Unique about the First Edition?

    Every time I see BL I think of my daughter’s manga collection, lol.
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    Bay Area Broncos

    @sirvegetable Fairfield Ford, I have bought vehicles from them before, they've been pretty bad with this whole reservations thing.
  17. LandCruiser

    Bay Area Broncos

    Might have to change to WC ford because my dealer has been incommunicado and the two times I have called aboot a bronco order they have told me their bronco specialist will call me back, no one has done that.
  18. LandCruiser

    Do I miss out on much without sway bar disconnect?

    IF you have an LT kit, which clearly the Bronco DOES NOT with all the tire in the air pictures I've been seeing on rock crawls with no obvious difference with the sway bars connected or not, then you should remove your anti sway bars to make the most of your front articulation and long travel...
  19. LandCruiser

    John Bronco anyone? Funny as hell!

    I feel like this world would have been a much more awesome place if this pandemic never happened…