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  1. elseminoleguapo

    💰Official 2021 Bronco INVOICE Price / MSRP Price List [Jan 19]

    Yeah, I just edited. I type that backward in my befuddlement. BD, which has the locker already, is more expensive to SAS than OB, with no locker. What in the actual F.
  2. elseminoleguapo

    💰Official 2021 Bronco INVOICE Price / MSRP Price List [Jan 19]

    So SAS costs less on an OB than an BD? Am I missing something? Are we in crazy town?
  3. elseminoleguapo

    Granger Ford - I'm Baack.....Merry Christmas and lets have a great new year

    Merry Christmas Albert! Thanks to you and the Granger family for the support and insight throughout 2020!
  4. elseminoleguapo

    Hypothetical Poll 2.7L w/ Manual

    Scarcity drives value. Overall market appeal drives volume. Very different. I would be first in line for a 2.7 manual.
  5. elseminoleguapo

    Saw the Warthog Bronco Testing

    Any chance we get a 2 door warthog? Only seen 4 door testers.
  6. elseminoleguapo

    Likely demographics for Base Base?

    As someone considering the base and not wanting to be bunched in with this loathsome cohort....... how dare you.
  7. elseminoleguapo

    $1000 below invoice pricing in Florida .. Why Not ?

    This would be a huge development. Who's your source? I spoke to someone at Sawgrass a few weeks ago and they told me MSRP and that's it.
  8. elseminoleguapo

    Granger Ford - to our current reservation holders

    @Granger Ford Hi Albert, haven't received this email. Checked spam and promotions folders. Thank you for the notice on here.
  9. elseminoleguapo

    Velocity Blue - Still Late Availability?

    Is there some conspiracy about why we haven't seen a single pre production model in VB? It's the only one that hasn't been shown.
  10. elseminoleguapo

    Am I the only one who hasn't heard of Filson?

    I guess you've never needed to look stylish when you're out fighting fires. j/k, same. No idea who they are.
  11. elseminoleguapo

    Any updated info about tuning?

    If Ford confirms it before order time I might be locked in to 2dr basemansquatch. Otherwise V6 likely. 🤞
  12. elseminoleguapo

    Any updated info about tuning?

    Those don't have the 7-speed in the bronco. New transmission with a supposed torque tolerance close to where a tune gets you. Knowing people that tune generally do other mods, sounds like a recipe for lots of blown transmissions. Mustang has a different transmission. And the ranger doesn't have...
  13. elseminoleguapo

    Any updated info about tuning?

    Radio silence from Ford. I'm still not convinced they offer a tune on the 2.3.
  14. elseminoleguapo

    Tricked Out 2-Door rendering

    Again, but with a gif where the wheels are spinners
  15. elseminoleguapo

    Is the sandstone interior really this bad?

    Yes, that's actually it. And it's an abomination. Particularly the wildtrak cloth version.
  16. elseminoleguapo

    Base Model Bronco Thread

    Basesquatch looking like the ticket if you can live without the pupu platter of tech on the mid or a 12" screen. Get the floor liners and sacrifice wash out, and if you don't like the cloth go Katzkin down the road. Can't justify the price jump either over here.
  17. elseminoleguapo

    Who's adding Keyless Keypad Entry and why?

    I am because no mid on the base so I want an option that doesn't require me to reach into my pockets. Plus you can never get locked out.
  18. elseminoleguapo

    Velocity Blue Imagined on 2 Door Bronco

    Phenomenal job OP. I've seen it in person and I'm sold. Area 51 looks great but a VB Basesquatch is my frontrunner right now. On a Mustang with no sun last weekend (I've seen it on F150s in the sun and it's even better):