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  1. dnvrBronco

    🟠 Cyber Orange Badlands 2-door w/ MIC hardtop

    Rando observation. Post offices look the same wherever they are.
  2. dnvrBronco

    Dealer used my reservation and ordered a Bronco without my knowledge, on hold with Ford customer care now! 😡

    Not sure what it's like back east, but in Colorado it is well known not to enter into any agreements with any "Al Packer".
  3. dnvrBronco

    2021 Bronco Bumpers Explained -- Standard vs Heavy Duty Modular vs Capable Bumper

    That’s it. I swear. I’m absolutely 100% waiting to decide what to do.
  4. dnvrBronco

    2021 Bronco spotted with hitch bike rack (Yakima)

    It's been a while since Physics class, but it made me think of "moment" and "moment of force", most often referred to as "torque". Even though I now use a hitch-mounted bike rack, I will be switching to the spare tire mounted variety.
  5. dnvrBronco

    Live Q&A with Badlands Bronco

    Forgot about fuel line, but technically wasn’t that a pipe, not a hose?:unsure:
  6. dnvrBronco

    Live Q&A with Badlands Bronco

    Any thoughts? How many effen hoses does it take to make an engine work these days? It used to be two.
  7. dnvrBronco

    Fastback Top on Race Red Wildtrak spotted on video

    Getting my pen and paper out to count “landscape not portrait” posts.
  8. dnvrBronco

    Sound deadening headliner on Bronco top (first photos)

    <sarcasm>Totally worth 56 shares of F </sarcasm>
  9. dnvrBronco

    I saw the fabled Allen Park MI, Cyber Orange Badlands.....and it was Glorious!

    Good old #97 still around. For a while I feared it might have been crash-tested. But now I see it's a Lux. Why crash a Lux?
  10. dnvrBronco

    LAST CALL: Badlands 33” vs. 35” (Pros & Cons) Worth the upgrade to 35” tires?

    Oh, how about an encyclopedia. Is that more common?:unsure:
  11. dnvrBronco

    Build & Price Update from Ford – Q&A with Bronco Brand Manager [Updated w/ Full Transcript]

    I’ve seen both Occam’s Razor and Hanlon’s Razor used on this forum in the past week. I blame Ford.
  12. dnvrBronco

    Build & Price Update from Ford – Q&A with Bronco Brand Manager [Updated w/ Full Transcript]

    The system can dynamically add dollars, so it can add weight at the same time. Ford doesn’t want them to program it in as someone might forgo a high dollar sas package if the B&P said, “sorry you are over your weight limit.” Ford says instead, “sorry no headliner.”
  13. dnvrBronco

    Build & Price Update from Ford – Q&A with Bronco Brand Manager [Updated w/ Full Transcript]

    My two takeaways: The rock stars can’t program their way out of a box, and Esteban didn’t seem like he wanted to do this, he was told to do this. Sorry if this was already covered.
  14. dnvrBronco

    More of Carbonized Gray Outer Banks and Roast Interior

    There’s a black dash? I’d be willing to pay Sound Deadening Headliner kind of money for a black dash.
  15. dnvrBronco

    Cancellations are making headlines ...

    Personally, I’m glad that Ford has given me more time to make a reasoned, informed decision. Probably wasn’t their plan.
  16. dnvrBronco

    Ford pushing for $500 deposit, confirmation to come soon

    Typically I don’t put down a deposit on a vehicle, I buy one and drive it away. That has always cost me more than $500 and was mostly non-refundable. On the other hand, I got the opportunity to see and drive the car, gather research from others who have driven the car, and had the opportunity to...
  17. dnvrBronco

    Pics of Navy Pier Interior in First Edition Bronco

    I tried waiting a day before saying what immediately came to mind: didn’t help. What is going on with the shoulders of the back seat? Quality not Job-1 that day? And is it me, but do the seat cushions look like my fat @$$ has already been there for a few years?
  18. dnvrBronco

    I'll buy used in 3 years, here is my new ride.

    In 3 years (maybe 4) there will be lease returns and rental fleet sales at the very least. Plus by then Ford will have a new set of interior designers so there might be larger than usual trade-ins from beta testers.
  19. dnvrBronco

    I'll buy used in 3 years, here is my new ride.

    For 50k you will likely get that truck and that 3 year old BD. Smart play.