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  1. shoelessjoe

    Rivian on the way

    End of 2022 at the earliest
  2. shoelessjoe

    I think I got lucky?

    Charging you for a tank of gas?!?!?!?
  3. shoelessjoe

    AZ Plan

    They don't have to accept A/Z plan but if they don't they will lose customers. If they don't accept A/Z plan it would be like saying to Ford workers you can make the vehicles but you can't buy them at a discount.
  4. shoelessjoe

    Confirmation email from Ford

    Some shady dealers out there. Went to my dealership on Thursday and they said they couldn't submit my order. Called Ford yesterday to change dealer and they said I couldn't because my order was already submitted. My account shows my order was placed the day before I went to the...
  5. shoelessjoe

    Does anybody know when the dealerships are Gonna have some in the show room?

    Production starts in March. They were supposed to get showroom models for people to sit in and touch but who knows if that will happen.
  6. shoelessjoe

    Concerned! Placed my order BUT....

    that means nothing when your dealer converts your reservation to an order without your consent. That is what my dealership did to me.
  7. shoelessjoe

    Reservation timestamp? how do i find this out

    No dealers know their allocation until all orders are submitted.
  8. shoelessjoe

    Galpin Ford Bronco Allocation

    no one knows their allocations until all orders have been submitted.
  9. shoelessjoe

    Response from Ford about dealers converting Bronco reservations unexpectedly

    My dealership did it with my reservation. Went to convert my reservation yesterday and they said they couldn't submit my order. Called up Ford Bronco Specialist today to ask a few questions and switch dealerships and the young lady said you can't switch dealerships because your reservation has...
  10. shoelessjoe

    Just Joined!
  11. shoelessjoe

    Converting reservation to order - in person vs online

    They probably won't give you anything in writing about your trade-in. I wouldn't even mention your trade-in until you are scheduled to pick up your Bronco. The sticky part about telling them the other deals you have from other dealerships is the reservation/allocation system. You might be #1...
  12. shoelessjoe

    Bronco Orders can now be processed!!

    its just like when you buy gasoline and they have the added number on the end.
  13. shoelessjoe

    Final drive ratio - 4.46 or 4.7 better for this build?

    for bigger wheels and tires and off-roading not for gas mileage