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  1. Base Badlands w/ 33s vs Sasquatch w/ 35s final decision

    Didn't read the whole thread but I battled this for a while also. My conclusion is drop the squatch and pick up the 2.7L it will be easier to customize the wheel and tires aftermarket. Thats pretty much all you get with squatch on BL. Well, 10mm of lift also. You can get a bigger motor and auto...
  2. ⚡ Lightning Blue Bronco 2 door + Oxford White Wildtrak + herd getting shipped out 💙

    That carb grey sas obx looks good! Also, sits almost the same height as the non sas badlands next to and behind it.
  3. Sound deadening headliner on Bronco top (first photos)

    Someone from Ford: "people are going to complain about the acoustics in this thing with this fiberglass roof" Mike Levine or whoever makes these decisions: "Just glue some carpet on the tops and call it sound deadening headliner and charge 500 bucks for it"
  4. A way to get a 22MY with a 21MY reservation???

    I see! I believe he stated that, based on the polling info they have now. Im aware thats far from final, that the v6 will end up being late availability. Im sure the recent price changes will effect this in a way also. We are just going to have to wait to know for sure but I personally will be...
  5. A way to get a 22MY with a 21MY reservation???

    Its been insinuated a few times. Go watch the Q&A that posted recently.
  6. A way to get a 22MY with a 21MY reservation???

    We are sitting at just over 190k reservation right now. I wouldnt trust the reservation numbers you got from the dealer as most of the talk I personally have heard from dealers on reservation numbers includes bronco sport. I highly doubt we only got 50k of the 190k reservation between end of...
  7. A way to get a 22MY with a 21MY reservation???

    Must have missed the statement from a few months back that stated September 18th? I think... was the 2021 MY cutoff date. Not sure how the recent delays affect this or even how late availability option selection will affect this. Theres honestly too much to take into account to give a good...
  8. Cancellations are making headlines ...

    Oh absolutely! But in the same light, it has to be something big enough for a writer to use to get readers. I do think limited color options on FE and BD and BL is one of those things. .
  9. Any dealers south of Boston have a cactus grey sport in stock?

    Theirs one at a dealer here in Louisiana! Thats south of Boston! I look at it every day in passing on my way home. Its not as green as it looks and with more sun you get the more the green comes out. In less sun it looks more of a matt gray. Not something I would buy bc im planning on swapping...
  10. Jeep dealer / salesperson recommendation TX

    No, I misunderstood you to be saying you owned a quantity of 20 jeeps. Lol
  11. Cancellations are making headlines ...

    I dont have a link on it but I saw the other day where someone wrote an article straight from someones thread on B6G. I think this community might be big enough to stir the pot if we blow the right ford f* up out of proportion. Lol
  12. Jeep dealer / salesperson recommendation TX

    You have 20?! Wow!
  13. Grab Handle Swap

    From the SEMA concept.
  14. Black Diamond $50,220 / Badlands $53,470 ????

    No, I think they did a botch job on their description matrix and your reading too far into it. Lol Just for the record Climate control is considered instrumentation. in·stru·ment pan·el /ˈinztrəmənt ˌpanl,ˈinstrəmənt ˌpanl/ noun a surface in front of a driver's or pilot's seat, on which the...
  15. Black Diamond $50,220 / Badlands $53,470 ????

    Lmao! Hey man! I completely agree! Going on facts that a liar told you isn't any better than guessing, but at least you can blame it on them when your wrong! I hope we will find out next month with b&p updates.
  16. Black Diamond $50,220 / Badlands $53,470 ????

    Go watch the interior video again. They talk about the "IP" (instrument panel) materials and "IP" topper materials. Also, every badlands interior picture we have seen has the same instrument cluster as all other trims. To my knowledge. Thats the only info we have stating a difference between the...
  17. Black Diamond $50,220 / Badlands $53,470 ????

    If you go watch the video of the women describing the interior they refer to the instrument panel as the entire front of the interior of the vehicle. When they say IP topper. The top of the instrument panel as in the top of the dash as in the dash is the instrument panel. Not my terminology...
  18. Black Diamond $50,220 / Badlands $53,470 ????

    I guess I wasn't detailed enough in my post but all we know of right now is that badlands has different dash materials than other models.
  19. Black Diamond $50,220 / Badlands $53,470 ????

    Yeah as of right now all we know is the different material on the dash. Incorporates more MGV on the dash and stuff than other models.
  20. Black Diamond $50,220 / Badlands $53,470 ????

    Nothing has been released to insenuate that the badlands has an instrument cluster like the f150. All badlands at this point have the same cluster as the other models. Unless I have missed some news that was recently released.