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  1. What are you going to do with your "free" $300 from FordPass?

    On my factory ordered 2018 f250. I Ordered the rubber floor mat option and truck was delivered with both sets.
  2. Build & Price Update from Ford – Q&A with Bronco Brand Manager [Updated w/ Full Transcript]

    Why does the two door have carpet on the back of the rear seats when you can’t store doors back there anyway?
  3. My Colorado ZR2 and Bronco Wildtrak side by side!

    I think you painted your new trucks calipers day one. Nice truck. Thx for pic. Both look great
  4. Rock lights. Worth it getting installed from factory?

    They don’t. I have them on my 18 250 and they terminate in engine bay. You have to do wire run to acc
  5. How much would you pay to have your Bronco tomorrow?

    Nothing. They can drag it out for a while more. During these boring shut in days of COVID. The 6g forum, members and the anticipation of the new bronco has been an escape.
  6. New Pics: Black Diamond in the Snow

    Is that an ih 2 rallye
  7. Why go 2-door unless you have to?

    have 14 Lc wife’s car and f250 crew. . Two kids no dogs(for now)This will be our fun car. So 2 doors for us
  8. Central Texas Members

    Central Austin near Barton Springs
  9. Bronco Hard Top How-to Video: Remove Roof Rack, Panels and Hardtop

    Agreed. The removal is super simple. I had an ih scout 2 a long time ago and I believe there were 6 bolts and a sketchy weather seal to contend with. It was a white top and very heavy. Btw. The body was a version of ih cyber orange. I’ll post pic
  10. India’s Automaker - Mahindra Redesigned its Thar (jeep like)

    That looks like my 76 cj5. Same dimensions too
  11. Bronco Soft Top how-to video -- folding, removing and window removal

    I left my Jeep unlocked and someone still slashed my front window to get in.
  12. What's in your driveway?

    2014 landcruiser 2018 f250. Btw. I’ve tried the tight turn button on lc and you can cut a very sharp turn. Prob similar to Broncos where Rear tire locks and closes turn diameter.
  13. Built Bronco Badlands vs Wrangler Rubicon Side by Side Look

    Love the competition that will begin. Will make Jeep better. I have one but am getting a bronco
  14. Carbonized Gray 2-Door Badlands

    Is that a floor jack lifting it a little