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  1. JHawk

    📸 First VELOCITY BLUE Broncos (and vs Lightning Blue) -- From the Factory! 🌊🦄

    I think that I like the optional wheel better and I am glad the tire is an A\T because I plan to get them and this gives me a better visual. Someone was in a hurry and only put in half of the lug nuts. :)
  2. JHawk

    How many Kansas Bronco owners/reservation holders are out there?

    Congrats! We may end up being twins. I also like the 4dr OW Badlands and am considering the optional wheels but keeping the A/T tires. I have been in email contact with the dealer a little. I am a late res (mid Sept) and I am going to ask to be pushed to a MY22 because the timing will put me...
  3. JHawk

    The 2022 Bronco Club.. What next? Disappoint or Happy?

    I am a mid September reservation holder. MY22 works best for me financially (retiring last of existing debt plus daughters wedding) and because I would like the color match top. I hope that everyone wanting a MY21 is fortunate and gets one. I would rather wait for what I want the first time...
  4. JHawk

    I'm going beardless for the first time in 17 years.

    I had mine several years when my kids were little. When the grey started to take over I shaved it. It was a little shocking to the kids at first.
  5. JHawk

    Badlands Orders with Optional Wheel

    Don't worry we will catch up soon enough :(
  6. JHawk

    Badlands Orders with Optional Wheel

    Thank You! This is exactly what I wanted to hear. BTW: Congratulations!
  7. JHawk

    Badlands Orders with Optional Wheel

    Now that ordering has started I am wondering if anyone has ordered the optional wheel and been able to keep the 33 A/T tire or if it only comes with the 33 M/T. I know that it has been discussed that it may be a glitch in the B&P which will not surprise me. Thanks for your feedback!
  8. JHawk

    Finally Registered!

  9. JHawk

    Ford confirms a green 2022 Bronco color for MY22! *Not Filson Wildland Fire Rig Green*

    Hey! Why did I not get an invite to the B6G Orders are Open party?
  10. JHawk

    2021 Bronco ForScan Thread

    I just found this thread and will definitely be looking into Forscan more. The engine start stop will be high on my list to disable. Is it possible that this could be disabled via the settings without the need for Forscan? It is my understanding that it can be used to recalibrate the speedo...
  11. JHawk

    2021 vs 2022 as a collector

    Life is short. I plan enjoy my Bronco and drive it. Your hypothetical 10k for flipping it will soon be gone. Long term you would be better off with a second job or more education so you could secure a better paying job. THANKS! Now I sound like my father.....I really miss him.
  12. JHawk

    What are you giving up to get a Bronco ?

    Time and Money. Mid September reservation. I am sure that I am in for a MY22. I plan to opt out placing a MY21 order and continue to aggressively attack my kids student loan debt and retire it this fall. I also have a wedding this coming August to pay for. I should be debt free for a short...
  13. JHawk

    First Edition Black Leather + White Stitching Revealed

    Sorry but I am going to stray outside the thread a bit. I love the blue but it is not an option for me. I do not remember seeing any pics of a LB 4dr before. It would have been nice to see the outside pic of this rig.
  14. JHawk

    2021 Bronco body spotted at Line-X headquarter

    I could be wrong but I think that is because it is a raw body minus the top.
  15. JHawk

    Cleveland Browns

    Come on Chiefs! :) Things can get interesting around our house, my wife if from CO and Broncos fan. I am a fan of the Bronco.
  16. JHawk

    Body Color / Roof Color combos...what works and what doesn't

    white on white jeeps look good so the same should hold true for the Bronco. Of course all my plans may go out the window when MY22 colors are anounced.
  17. JHawk

    MY22 Green Bronco Color - what should Ford do?

    I like several of the greens that people have posted. I find this one interesting. Edit: There is room for a couple different greens.
  18. JHawk

    Bronco team rep's email to dealer GM -- discussing reservations, order conversion, allocations

    Thank you for the information. I cannot say that I am surprised and I doubt that others will be surprised as well. Transparency would buy Ford a lot of upset but more understanding customers but it does not play well with image and keeping the stock prices up. I am excited to get a Bronco but...
  19. JHawk

    Bronco allocations released to dealers

    Well stated, and there are other variables related to supply chain vs what you order. Some builds may be delayed or bumped up based on what can physically be built.
  20. JHawk

    OK...How is a 2022MY Order Placed??

    I agree with the comments above based on what I have read on this forum. (Circular logic?) I would like to have a paint to match top. I plan to put in for late availability dual tops with Black modular. This increases my odds of being moved back given my September reservation. I can live...