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  1. LSU Jonno

    Configuration: Aux Switches and Accessory Rail

    A lot of folks get cellphone/tablet mounts from 67 designs that can hold your device in view while keeping your eyes on the road. Given the USB ports on the dash you can hook up a wireless charger to that device holder and easily pop your device in and out. That's what I'll be doing with my rail.
  2. LSU Jonno

    Recovery Points

    Well it's $2500 for the winch AND the winch mount...which you'll need to mount any winch to that POS modular bumper. Hopefully the winch mount get's sold separately at some point, and even better hopefully there is an aftermarket solution out not long after launch...and even better, hopefully...
  3. LSU Jonno

    Insurance for the 2021 Bronco

    Sort of seems like this is just rough extrapolation based on the relative values of the vehicles.
  4. LSU Jonno

    Moab 4X4 Bronco Outlander and Filson Bronco Photos

    I also decided to go BL over WT after seeing this rig at super cel east. Basically the Vinyl is great and the WT doesn't provide enough of a discount for it to be worth it. I'd describe A51 as baby blue mixed with gray. It looks great with the MIC gray top.
  5. LSU Jonno

    Footage of the 360 camera view with winch!

    What you guys aren't considering is that there is the top of the bull bar right on the other side of that solenoid package that will also be blocking the camera as soon as you remove the solenoid. As I said, this is extremely broken.
  6. LSU Jonno

    Footage of the 360 camera view with winch!

    I've been saying this since I saw the angle of the camera at super cel east. Moving the solenoid won't improve the view much at all. The only fix for this is to relocate the camera, or get a new bumper that puts the bumper closer to the vehicle.
  7. LSU Jonno

    SE Buyers - Nashville Area Deal

    So far the only one who has responded is Lynn Layton in Decatur.
  8. LSU Jonno

    SE Buyers - Nashville Area Deal

    Nice! Still working on something similar in North Alabama, but if it doesn't work out this sounds like the best deal.
  9. LSU Jonno

    Changing interior accent color?

    You can unscrew your bronco bolts and change out your grab handles...But as you can see for yourself on the B&P there are no options to change accent colors. They are locked to trim.
  10. LSU Jonno

    Any information on if the Warn winch will work with the trail camera?

    This is the only solution that will work to give a 100% obstruction free view from camera. Even relocating the solenoid won't completely solve the problem. It was easy to see that the bar and even winch body would still be in view of the camera.
  11. LSU Jonno

    Garage Door on Aux Switches?

    Maybe, in a strange attempt by Ford to turn a profit, they put desirable features in each package to entice buyers to purchase those packages...
  12. LSU Jonno

    Hard-top - 2nd row section storage - roof rack? Options?

    I think I heard that you cannot take off the rear seat panel with the roof rack on. Only the front two panels...So storing the rear seat panel on the roof rack would be pointless.
  13. LSU Jonno

    Wildtrak Door & Hood Decals on Iconic Silver Bronco CGI

    It's a cheaper config than the Badlands with equivalent equipment, that I want, and will keep. I don't want the steel bumper on the BL because winch integration is horrible and I lose fog lights. I don't really want the stock rock rails, because I have another style in mind that I will...
  14. LSU Jonno

    Guys, I think my wife just talked me out of my Badlands build... And into a Wildtrak

    I actually switched from a Wildtrak to a Badlands due to the B&P. Basically I don't want a gloss black grill with gloss black mirrors and a carbonized grey top. If they'd give us a carbonized grey option for our grill and mirrors to match the top, then I'd get a Wildtrak.
  15. LSU Jonno

    Is anyone debadging or rebadging their Bronco?

    We should try to do a bulk buy from billet badges to do a chrome script Bronco.
  16. LSU Jonno

    What are you giving up to get a Bronco ?

    LoL, giving up my 4 door nissan altima. High five. I'm done with boring vehicles.
  17. LSU Jonno

    Badlands Bronco Thread

    Interior accents are specific to your trim... So the yellow/orange contrasts are locked to Badlands unfortunately. And in case you weren't aware, this is the same color as the stitching on your seats.
  18. LSU Jonno

    Ford is doing all they can to loose orders now.

    You can get roof rails as a dealer installed add on, just not on the build and price. It talks about this specifically in the FAQ. There is a GVWR issue with adding roof racks and the extra weight that they would then carry.