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  1. DaveH

    Colorado Group Buy with Granger

    As far as I've heard, Phil Long is MSRP plus they have a doc fee in the range of $600-700. If my math is correct, I'll be saving around $4K with my build (Oct res) by going with Granger. I have a late July res with Phil Long that I won't be using. I'll wait a little while to save $4K.
  2. DaveH

    Base Badlands w/ 33s vs Sasquatch w/ 35s final decision

    What is best depends on what short of offroading you will do: 35, no disco - Will do better when mud is your primary obstacle. More clearance and a bigger footprint. 33s w/disco - Will do better in uneven terrain where the disco will increase articulation and better keep all the tires on the ground.
  3. DaveH

    Base Badlands w/ 33s vs Sasquatch w/ 35s final decision

    The gearing is the biggest thing that has me thinking squatch. If you think you might want 35s, best to have gearing optimized for that tire size. Everything else needed to up the tire size seems like it ought to be straight forward. Plus, I've been working from home through this whole process...
  4. DaveH

    Base Badlands w/ 33s vs Sasquatch w/ 35s final decision

    I don't know anything about what is involved in doing a lift. How difficult will that be? I assume you'll want to put on a small lift before putting 35s on a BL that come from the factory with 33s.
  5. DaveH

    Superlite 50 hard shell RTT (roof top tent)

    The CG rendering also shows it sitting on a nonexistent rack.
  6. DaveH

    📊 Submitted Bronco Orders Tracking List & Stats

    Regarding the packages, what if you get Sasquatch and High? The survey only lets you pick one. Shouldn't Sasquatch Yes/No be a separate question from package?
  7. DaveH

    Fastback Top Broncos in Area 51 and Lightning Blue

    Are there any advantages to the fastback top or is it an appearance thing?
  8. DaveH

    4DR Roof Rack Option

    I would suspect that m2dz-7855100-aa is just the cross bar for those that want to add a third cross bar to the roof rails.
  9. DaveH

    When Will I Get My BRONCO?? - Granger Ford

    Could those dealers offering "cutting in line" not know what they are talking about. Ford has said that Broncos will be built in reservation order to the degree possible after allowing for commodity restrictions and dealer allocation. If this is true, how could a dealer bump someone up? There...
  10. DaveH

    Are allocations “anticompetitive practices”?

    You can switch, but then you'll end up paying more. Edited to add: Assuming you are with someone like Granger or Stephens now.
  11. DaveH

    Non-refundable $2500 deposit normal?

    What is "normal" here is that this is a red flag that you should switch to a different dealer.
  12. DaveH

    Roof rack carrier for 2nd row hard-top panel - 4dr

    True, but I think I'd still be interested. Even better if it had detachable rails the came to the front windshield. That would provide all sorts of options. Sort of a mashup of the standard rack and the fishing concept rack.
  13. DaveH

    Roof rack carrier for 2nd row hard-top panel - 4dr

    This is not a new problem. :) Here is a video on how to store your Corvette t-tops on the luggage rack.
  14. DaveH

    Roof rack carrier for 2nd row hard-top panel - 4dr

    Here it is. It was on the fishing concept vehicle. I'd be interested in this roof rack.
  15. DaveH

    Roof rack carrier for 2nd row hard-top panel - 4dr

    Somewhere I saw a picture of a 4 door with a roof rack that only attached to the rear section of the hard top. With that rack, it would be easy to figure out a way to carry the mid section on the hard top.
  16. DaveH

    Granger Ford - to our current reservation holders

    Aren't vehicles typically delivered to the dealer on a car transport truck? That in turn is how Granger will be delivering to the end buyer. Ford needs to solve the same problem as Granger. Specifically, how to get the extra goodies to the purchaser when they won't all fit inside the vehicle...
  17. DaveH

    Am I crazy, or is the Badlands trim the worst deal?

    Unfortunately, I know myself too well. I typically am on the frugal side but here is how my use of SBD will go: Manual - I'll have a good time shopping around, purchasing, and installing them. I'll use them a few times, but then they will seldom get used. I won't want to spend the time on the...
  18. DaveH

    Why have we yet to see a cigarette lighter?

    Put a cup holder ashtray: In a molle cup holder:
  19. DaveH

    Helpful 32″ vs 35″ Tire Comparison Review

    Assuming I am thinking of the same video (which I admittedly have not rewatched recently), the biggest drawback with the larger tires was less torque which resulted in slower starts and a feeling of less power. For their testing, the same vehicle and axle ratios were used for all the tests. It...
  20. DaveH

    Bronco 2-Door(less) Badlands Walkaround

    When can we order a b6g grille badge? And what about a Granger grille badge? :)