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  1. Ford: Launch Quality Has Improved. Re-Confirms Bronco Delay Due to Single Supplier

    Wow, i have to shop my early timestamp to dealers that have enough allocation getting behind later timestamps at other dealers.... No problems at all..
  2. Levine says 2022 Bronco (22MY) will get multiple new colors and special editions

    Ford will not show or announce many details of my22 as they don't want everybody to cancel my21 and wait for much better things in my22. That why they only tease us....
  3. Heritage Edition Bronco Confirmed! (E5G / E5H) - Update: Not Until MY2022

    More info..... We'll we're waiting Please!
  4. Granger Ford - to our current reservation holders

    Pull a George Castanza nap under your desk.....😴😴
  5. should i change dealer from NJ to FL?

    There is an additional fee of I believe 225.00 extra to all taxes n fees due if you have never had a vehicle registered in fl. Previously
  6. Great Southern Bronco Deal!

    I wouldn't hold my breath on that. I've spoken twice to them. I believe they have plenty of orders and don't care. Unless they start losing a lot of reservations!
  7. More Interior Options & Colors -- Ford CEO Farley is listening to Bronco6g members!

    I believe in my opinion all these options are based on one thing. MONEY. Ford has way to many reservation orders than they anticipated stretching into 2 model years,so instead of slowing the production line with all different options. We get only grey tops and limited interiors fewer choices...
  8. $2000 off Invoice on October Bronco Reservations at Granger Ford

    Thanks @grangerford for the October reservation promotion. Outer Banks reserved # 10515073
  9. Florida Roll Call

  10. Florida Roll Call

    Thanks a lot, Looking forward to your news Orlando