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  1. ItsAfram

    Denver metro area roll call

  2. ItsAfram

    It's now showing on the B&P

    It's been in the showroom for sometime now. This is different than B&P.
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    Completed Badlands 4-Door Bronco in Race Red

    I want to know this as well... These wheels look way better than squatch wheels
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    Anyone thinking of waiting?

    I could wait, but kinda fear that Ford (for whatever reason) gets rid of the manual option and if i were to buy a 2022/2023 I would be stuck with AT
  5. ItsAfram

    ‘Squatch Tire Options

    I would much prefer KO2s or similar A/Ts for year round use. Mud tires and Colorado winters are not a good mix
  6. ItsAfram

    Color Flip Flopping-Post Yours

    Reserved A51 think about switching to Cactus Grey lately really liking race red with black top lather, rinse, repeat....
  7. ItsAfram

    Engines at Altitude

    91 octane is premium gas for most stations in CO. So if you are looking to tune the 2.3, make sure whoever is doing the tune knows you will be running on 91 and not 93.
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    Bronco6G (Not So Much) Therapy Thread

    I think we are all excited/anxious about the bronco, and I enjoy logging on here to see all the great content people find. But the bitching about every little detail, delay or that the fact that Ford isn't offering 80 different motors/transmissions/tires sizes to choose from wears thin quick...
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    Anyone Wanting the Saddle Leather to be a regular option?

    Love the saddle leather interior
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    B6G members-made custom Bronco logos, badges, stickers thread - submit your work here

    Didn't even think about the resemblance, but now I cannot unsee.... 😳
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    B6G members-made custom Bronco logos, badges, stickers thread - submit your work here

    These are all pretty cool... Personally think the badlands badge should have something more like a longhorn ram skull. since its a more of a rock crawler than a cow.
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    Colorado Group Buy with Granger

    PIN is required at time of delivery not order.
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    Colorado Group Buy with Granger

    Definitely interested, but I have a few questions... How would transport to CO work in this scenario? Would delivery have to be a single central location to all customers on the truck? Or are these vehicles delivered to a local dealer? I have never had a car shipped via carrier like this, and...
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    CACTUS GRAY THREAD!!!! if you’re choosing cactus gray lemme know. I think it’s the best color available at the moment.

    Not the greatest of videos, but my salesperson @ Phil Long Denver just sent me this walk around of a CG Sport. It was only on the lot for a day, and I was not able to see this in person.
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    Pics of 2.3L engine & underhood compartment in 2021 Bronco

    Here’s a photo of the 2.3 ranger engine bay from @vrewald14 post.
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    Major Service and wheel removal?

    Yes, most scheduled maintenance will include rotating your tires (tyres).
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    What age spectrum do we have here reserving these sweet Broncos ?

    I'll be 38 when this lil beauty shows up...
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    Colorado Bronco Club

    This whole video is pretty good, but check the 7-8min mark and you can see headroom etc..
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    Painted 2021 Bronco Body Frames Captured! Mystery / New Color Spotted

    I am really liking this color the more I see it.