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    First Edition Bronco Thread

    It is listed as late availability too. No idea on the timeline.
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    📊 Submitted Bronco Orders Tracking List & Stats

    FE Order confirmed today! info submitted. LB, black interior, and SB mod top! It ought to be a good Christmas this year. :giggle:
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    First Edition Bronco Thread

    Order confirmed today! Actually got my confirmation before I left the dealer. I went with LB, black seats, and SB mod top. All late availability, but I waited this long... Also got the engine block heater, even though I live in FL. I figure, it's easier to have it installed at the factory...
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    First Edition Bronco Thread

    If you look at the build sheet posted somewhere on this forum, the black interior order code is 5V. Not sure when it will be available though.
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    Dates & Process: Bronco Delivery Timeline Explained [Ordering > Planning > Delivery]

    Thanks for the explanation! I am just happy to be ordering a FE. I will wait though, because I will order the SB mod top and black interior. I just hope it makes it by Christmas 2021. :ROFLMAO:
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    UPDATE: Bronco Ordering Starts January 19th According to Ford (Levine)

    Trust me... since COVID, I have been waving it. Unfortunately I haven't been able to catch a ride yet... (y)
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    Dealer meeting today, more info should be coming soon

    That just further confirms me to order the SB Mod Top on my FE and wait it out.
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    UPDATE: Bronco Ordering Starts January 19th According to Ford (Levine)

    Ford soon = sometime between now and then.... We definitely know they are not using the Infinite Improbability Drive to get us from here to there in nothingth of a second. ~42
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    How high/far would you safely jump?

    As high and as far as my insurance will cover... which isn't that far in today's $$$. I'll stick to the trails and watch all your videos.
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    Waiting on the black top.

    I'll be waiting too. We'll see how long it takes...
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    How to begin pricing discussion with dealer

    Worst case scenario, you can copy the final URL and paste it in an email. Just make sure they verify your order with you.
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    ONLY FOR FE RESERVATION HOLDERS-> What configuration of the First Edition Bronco are you getting?

    As of today, I am going with 2-door Lightning Blue FE with black interior. Hopefully the stitching will match the trim or at least be black. I am also not in a rush and will wait for what I want, including the SB Mod top. I've waited this long and a few more months won't hurt me personally. This...
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    Cancellations are making headlines ...

    I guess John and Brian (as quoted in the article) were never serious about getting a Bronco anyway. A true enthusiast will wait for an icon, even if it is delayed a few months. And the dude that wrote the article must be on crack for writing the BS article and quoting two individuals out of...
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Merry Christmas!!
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    15+ Bronco Factory Pics Before Christmas Shutdown (Navy Pier, Area 51, Race Red, Sasquatch etc) 🌵🌠🐎

    Just like others, I think the first pics may be a FE based on 12" screen, black bead lock rings, console and dash cover color (NP). And as much as I doubted NP, it looks pretty good! Thanks for the pics! Merry Christmas.
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    More 2-Door Bronco Badlands in Cyber Orange (With Measurements)

    Great pics and video! Thanks for posting!
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    Santa Squatch

    Well folks, it's that time of year. While we are waiting to order our Broncos, Christmas is coming. While 2020 has been an exhausting year, have faith, Santa Squatch is near... Merry Christmas my friends!
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    First Edition Bronco Thread

    I think this is one of the glitches. In all the overviews/descriptions, rock rails are supposed to be included.
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    International Off-Road Expo: Bronco Photos and Q&A Answers (UPDATED)

    Thanks for posting! Great quetions and answers! I only had two questions/issues, but I think they are answered. Navy Pier now Black and winch issue. One issue fixed... Winch, I'm back to 50/50.