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  1. Chief1301

    Top reasons jeep wrangler better than bronco

    Two words...Death Wobble! Sorry, not done. Need to add a couple Acronyms...FCA, TIPM Failures. Oh, and who can forget the pot metal exhaust manifolds, and the leaky in the winter and hot as hell in the summer crappy roofs. No thanks, you can keep your Jeep. I'll take my chances with the revived...
  2. Chief1301

    Has anyone driven the manual yet?

    I understand it's a Getrag. If it's made in China like the Getrag MT-82? I would stay far away from it. My 2012 Mustang GT's Getrag MT-82 has failed in less than 46,000 miles. No drag racing or track days. Just normal driving. There's a class action lawsuit against Ford for the MT-82. I'm...
  3. Chief1301

    New video removing top & doors on 2021 Bronco 2-Door

    We can agree to disagree. I respect your opinion. To each his own for sure.
  4. Chief1301

    New video removing top & doors on 2021 Bronco 2-Door

    The after market will most likely come up with something. I understand your point. But when it's dark, that focused bright lighted logo still illuminates a good sized area. A flood light is better, but a focused logo would be good too. Ford should offer a no charge option.
  5. Chief1301

    New video removing top & doors on 2021 Bronco 2-Door

    Damn! Hopefully Ford will make a change for the production models? Ford, are you listening? 😎
  6. Chief1301

    New video removing top & doors on 2021 Bronco 2-Door

    Will the side view mirror puddle lights be a Bronco? Like the Mustang has a running horse. That would be cool. I haven't heard about that.
  7. Chief1301

    Way to go Ford. 50,000 ventilators

    Good buy. Ford stock has gone up quite a bit lately.
  8. Chief1301

    Way to go Ford. 50,000 ventilators

    Way to go...FoMoCo! 👍
  9. Chief1301

    New video removing top & doors on 2021 Bronco 2-Door

    Agreed. Please don't let it be a leaker. 🙏
  10. Chief1301

    New video removing top & doors on 2021 Bronco 2-Door

    School Bus, my ass! I don't care what anybody says. That Cyber Orange looks damn good!
  11. Chief1301


    I haven't gotten an email yet. I do have the Order Acknowledgment Summary Form, and my order is on the Ford website under my account. 🤷‍♂️
  12. Chief1301

    Confused by some of the hate on the lease option. Seems wise for those wanting Low Down and Lower Monthly Payments

    Unfortunately gas prices will most likely hit $5.00 a gallon before 4 years in some parts of the country under the new administration. Maybe $7.00 a gallon in California?
  13. Chief1301

    Dealer called to convert, surprise 5k ADM

    That sucks! Yep, Switch Dealers! 🤬
  14. Chief1301

    My order is officially in ! Here is my build !

    Congrats! I like AMB, and was seriously thinking about it. But I'm going CO, 2 door Badlands, Non-Squatch, Upgraded Wheels, Lux, Tow Package, MGV, Roof Rack Rails, & Yakima Medium Basket. Let's hope our wait isn't too long. Enjoy! Happy Friday!
  15. Chief1301

    🟠 Cyber Orange Badlands 2-door w/ MIC hardtop

    Looking good! Badlands is the best! Haha! :cool: Love those upgraded wheels! Mine should look just like that. Thanks for posting. Happy Friday!
  16. Chief1301

    Reservation Number and Order Code Number

    Don't worry about it. Order priority codes default to 19 initially for vehicles that aren't in production yet. The lower the number the better. The lowest number your Dealer can change your priority to 10. Just ask your Dealer to lower your number.
  17. Chief1301

    Delay - Commodity Constraints

    Great point! The 2 door excuse doesn't make any sense!
  18. Chief1301

    Delay - Commodity Constraints

    It depends on your reservation time stamp and your Dealers allocation. Just because some commodities are limited, doesn't mean you'll have to wait till next year to receive your Bronco. If you have a first or second day reservation time stamp, and your one of the first few at your dealer to...
  19. Chief1301

    Bay Area Broncos

  20. Chief1301

    📊 Submitted Bronco Orders Tracking List & Stats

    Just added my order info to the list. Thanks!