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  1. tomdaniel

    Land Rover Ad

    "Let me talk you through a couple of things that aren't right with my car. I'm afraid I can't do that because everything in here works perfectly. There is, if you look in the left-hand dial, which is the rev counter, there's an engine warning light on to remind me that the engine warning light...
  2. tomdaniel

    Land Rover Ad

    Land Rovers were notorious for christmas tree dashboards long before Tata.
  3. tomdaniel

    I love ford

    I smell a GM mole.
  4. tomdaniel

    Need a laugh?

    Doors with a transparent lower panel, you say? ** Fake news **
  5. tomdaniel

    2 Door Bronco Concept Appears in Jay Leno's Garage For SEMA360

    I will only agree with your statement when it can drive under it's own power. Until then, it's a pretty statue.
  6. tomdaniel

    Texas Dealership Offers?

    We can't have nice things.
  7. tomdaniel

    Let the Bronco price hikes begin!

    If my dealer isn't going to honor our agreement, I have ZERO qualms about taking that money that would have been going to Ford and giving it straight to Elon Musk.
  8. tomdaniel

    Footage of the 360 camera view with winch!

    That's an easy decision. Not getting that winch.
  9. tomdaniel

    Military Precision....

    Do not become decisively engaged. Break contact.
  10. tomdaniel

    Military Precision....

    This thing is more like a squad version of the ATVs the Ranger Regiment and 82nd are using to zip around air heads. The JLTV, with some mine resistance protection, being fielded now is actually the HMMWV replacement.
  11. tomdaniel

    Military Precision....

    Raids, reconnaissance... I can't imagine anything of significance can be mounted on this thing to provide good support by fire. I'd leave it in an ORP.
  12. tomdaniel

    Suspension & Height Difference

    Given the supply chain problems, it makes sense to me that there are only TWO suspension options. Standard and Sasquatch. BL gets the Sasquatch suspension lift as standard. Hence, the discounted rate to get the full Sasquatch package. Sasquatch gets a bump stop installed to accommodate 35"...
  13. tomdaniel

    2 Door Sasquatch Picture Thread (no CGI)

    Predicting this thread will have an affect similar to that of Viagra on me.
  14. tomdaniel

    Where Did it Go

    Holy cow! Hope you've been able to enjoy a little R&R. As for anything Bronco related, I've learned it's best to take everything with a grain of salt. Nothing is certain until that truck is sitting in your driveway.
  15. tomdaniel

    Where Did it Go

    You must be new round these parts. Welcome! Kick back, relax, and get used to disappointment.
  16. tomdaniel


    Bronco Furries are a whole different conversation... one not likely appropriate for this forum. ** if you don't know, DON'T google.
  17. tomdaniel

    Lux package really worth it over High?

    What if I want to use the trail maps feature?
  18. tomdaniel

    Great Southern Bronco Deal!

    Very nice! I like seeing these dealers get a bit more competitive.