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  1. Whats your lifestyle, and how do you see the Bronco fitting into it?

    Drinking But I am not allowed to combine that with driving the Bronco
  2. Black Diamond with TrXus 33"s

    How easy is it to sell stock tires as soon as you get a new vehicle? Thinking of doing something similar to what you have in mind as well
  3. Black diamond 12" upgrade w/ pics on b+p

    Hmmm Don’t really care about the 360 picture as that could be glitched But I don’t get the 695 add on. That wasn’t there before. If they really let you add on the screen for 700, that would be awesome and settle my trim. Additionally would like the sound system lol
  4. Carbonized Gray vs Sting Gray ( Jeep )

    Sting Grey is such a unique and cool color. Im sorry but Jeep has Ford beat in color options IMO
  5. Leonardtown Ford Reservation Holders

    I think since so many people have switched, 5% below MSRP should be the new deal ;)
  6. What colors do you have still in play?

    I like Area 51 but I am not going it cause it is going to be the most popular color I want to be weird and different because I am a completely normal human with no quirks whatsoever
  7. 2021 Bronco MPG?

    It would have to be on par or slightly better than a Wrangler right? Minus the squatch at least
  8. MIC top or soft top

    The soft top looks like doo doo But I want to be topless and doorless as much as I can and I dont want to store that damn thing in my garage with the help of my wife all the time taking it on and off I will probably get the soft top now and hope bestop comes out with one quickly
  9. Maryland Volume Buyers Group? or Maybe VA/PA/DE/MD?

    Just switched to Leonardtown! All because @NayNay actually communicated and gave the best deal in the area. Cowles never said one flipping thing to me. Clearly their business means nothing Now I know I am not going to get ripped off with ADM, etc Is there anything that needs to be done now?
  10. Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    Are the BD upgrades wheels just the Sasquatch wheels minus the bead locks?
  11. Race Red 4-Door Wildtrak Soft Top [Updated With Hood Decal & Interior Pics]

    God the soft top is so meh and cheap looking But the hard top is such a pain to take off and store Need more soft top options
  12. Big Bend beats Black Diamond!

    I would agree with this but Big bend has the cheapest looking wheels The ugliest looking interior that I for sure would replace almost instantly with Katzkin
  13. Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    How quickly do you think bestop or others will come out with aftermarket soft tops? I think the stocks looks doo doo but I have no room in my garage to store the hard top. Plus I want to take the top off easily
  14. Ford chat rep claims trim / model change will require new reservation

    I’m starting to think the leaders of the Bronco are actually working for FCA. Everything they are doing is against common business practice to get people to buy your product
  15. Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    Thanks but I meant of pre-production models in real life lol
  16. Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    Does anyone have a picture of the BD with the upgraded black wheels?
  17. 2021 Bronco BUILD & PRICE Configurator Is Finally Live (For Real)!! Share your build inside.

    I waited for Build and Price to finally make my decision if I am going to go with the Bronco or not Call me an ass but this is completely underwhelming. They waited 3 months for this? THIS IS ALL THE OPTIONS YOU CAN GIVE US? For these prices? Am I missing something here?

    AND they raised prices by almost $2k in some instances!?!?