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  1. CJay

    Bronco Pickup Truck design sketch discovered in Ford video?!

    I agree. I thought Ford was pretty clear a year or so ago when they announced they would sub-brand Bronco and Mustang. And while I think that led everyone to believe Maverick would fall under the Bronco umbrella... the leaked photos of its tailgate with the large stamped oval shape in it says...
  2. CJay

    How high/far would you safely jump?

    I will offer up my "hold your beer" services for anyone who wants to attempt that Raptor jump in their Bronco.
  3. CJay

    so i was bored and started surfing the jl wrangler forums...

    That's because they know the next design will be the marriage of French AND Italian design!
  4. CJay

    ⚡ Lightning Blue Bronco 2 door + Oxford White Wildtrak + herd getting shipped out 💙

    I think you're both thinking of Jeep (Stellantis). That's the only French/Italian game in town. Oh wait... @Hoofnmouth has profile pic of a Jeep and @Lilj4425 's current vehicle is a Dodge Ram. As Emily Litella would say... Never mind!
  5. CJay

    Waiting on the black top.

    Thanks! I knew the answer was here somewhere, but have been searching on/off for a few days with no real luck. Besides thinking the 2-door MIC also had the hatch, I thought neither MIC nor Mod was getting removable rear windows. That removeable rear windows were a 4 door only thing. I was...
  6. CJay

    Waiting on the black top.

    Apologies if I've missed this somewhere. Too many threads to search. I'm just curious about the 2-door "gunners" hatch. I thought it was supposed to be on the MIC top, but recent BN videos and others with the two-door don't show it. It still shows up in the 360 Colorizer(yes I know... blah...
  7. CJay

    So, the auto drop-down windows on door opening...

    I had a similar issue with my college beater... '85 Mercury Marquis Brougham. The door locks would freeze but not the trunk. I tried everything in those locks to prevent it with no success. The solution was a long flat screwdriver and bent coat hanger in the trunk. I could pry the door...
  8. CJay

    So, the auto drop-down windows on door opening...

    Or maybe Ford developed it while they owned Aston? Either way, with enough freezing rain, you're not getting into your vehicle easily. I'm just glad they don't have the stupid pull-up door handles my Ranger has. Just a light freezing rain and I struggle because you can't grip the door handle...
  9. CJay

    Memory Seats

    I have a similar situation with my wife. That's why I'm planning on a manual transmission. She won't drive manual... Problem solved.
  10. CJay

    For those sticking with the 2021....why?

    Similar to @BroncoJay, I've been waiting for this since I was 9 or 10, after our neighbor got one of the last model years of the 1G Broncos. And like many others here, I was frantically trying to get a reservation in the first night it opened up. I even had two reservations, first grabbing an...
  11. CJay

    2022 HERITAGE PACKAGE (Everything it will most likely Include)

    I was going to suggest a poll... Heritage Package to include White Top with White??? -Wheels -Flares -Grille -...
  12. CJay

    Caught up in the hype......

    You're assuming something better is right around the corner. For all we know, our new one world government overloads will mandate fun be eliminated from all new vehicles. By 2023 the best engine option could be the 3-cylinder 1.5L EcoBoost with mandatory auto start/stop. After all, the cars...
  13. CJay

    Heritage Edition Bronco Confirmed! (E5G / E5H) - Update: Not Until MY2022

    🙏 Please, oh please give us a white top!
  14. CJay

    Last Call: Manual vs. Auto.. Why? (HELP!!)

    I guess it comes down to technique and conditions. In the few times I've gotten stuck with an auto, I've had to R/D/R/D... it out. With a manual, I've been able to clutch/gas/clutch/gas... out most of the time without having to shift gears. Either way, with the GOAT modes, I expect that...
  15. CJay

    Hey, Photoshop wizards.....

    No need to thank me... Unfortunately I didn't know which pizza cutter you wanted, OXO, KitchenAid, ... but I thought this style had a nice look. ;)
  16. CJay

    Last Call: Manual vs. Auto.. Why? (HELP!!)

    I'm sorry this has happened to you. In 30+ years of driving, there were exactly two days while I was on crutches for a left ankle injury that I couldn't drive a manual transmission. Fortunately for me, my vehicle had enough clearance that I could clutch with the arch and heel of my foot, so I...
  17. CJay

    So, if I don't convert my reservations, what should I get?

    Well you're in luck! Looks like the Fiat-Peugeot merger cleared it's last hurdle, so Jeep would soon be a Stellantis product. Combining the best of Italian & French engineering and design! Yeah, you're right... Jeep is out.
  18. CJay

    Last Call: Manual vs. Auto.. Why? (HELP!!)

    I would expect with right GOAT mode, either transmission in the Bronco will handle very well. Driving in snow is an experience where I prefer manual, for the ability to control RPM relative to ground conditions.
  19. CJay

    Ford finally got me....

    GenXer here... I've only owned one automatic transmission for myself, and that was enough. My wife only drives auto, so I can experience that driving thrill just about anytime I want. That's usually only when she's parked behind me in the driveway. For me... manual only. I would have...
  20. CJay

    Roof Rails with Crossbars - yes or no?

    Same here. But since I'm planning on a 2-door, I'm hoping for a aftermarket solution that uses the front fender tie downs to provide an extended rack over the front end. ...For those times I need to haul 12' board or an extension ladder. I've already suggested this a few times here, but here...