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  1. Let's do the MPG math

    The 5.0's get better mpg than almost anything else in the 150's in real life.
  2. Let's do the MPG math

    Your JL also has 3.45 gears. The lowest available gearset in a Bronco is 3.73. That will affect the mileage.
  3. Are we more capable with front/rear lockers or bigger tires?

    I'd say that depends more on terrain. The requirements for mud, sand or rocks are different. With a rear locker and a long wheel base, a larger tire can be pushed onto a ledge. A small tire may not have the belly clearance to get over that same ledge, even locked..
  4. Perspective Pic Shows How Wide Bronco Warthog Track Width Is – Approximately 83.3″ Inches!

    Someone did math wrong on the TJ to JL wheel conversion. A Stock TJ Dana 30 front is 60.5" wheel mount to wheel mount. You added 2.5 inches of spacer, but JL wheels are 6.2" backspace. So, my math says 60.5 plus 2.5 (spacers) plus 2.6 (1.3 out to 6.2 inches in on a 7.5" wheel x 2) get to 65.6...
  5. Go BIG (38" tires) or go home cost?

    Just a set of RCVs for a JL is $1300ish. Not including tires or wheels, you are looking at $5k minimum for something you can wheel hard, unless someone figures out a way to reuse the factory shocks. With an IFS that's locked, I would overbuild the front as much as you can. 37's are big...
  6. Go BIG (38" tires) or go home cost?

    Which Dana 44 are you talking about? If its the new one in the JLs, Gladiators and the new Bronco, it handles 37s perfectly fine when wheeling it in the rocks. If you are talking JK or older, sure. These Advanteks are NOT the same as a Dana 44.
  7. Black Diamond with TrXus 33"s

    The TrXus are ancient. There are dozens of modern tires with similar looks and much better performance. Plus they are HEAVY
  8. Advice on Final Drive Ratios

    Having driven in WV, spring for the lockers and gears, you might actually get better mileage. Less downshifting up hill and the ability to stay in higher gears without lugging the engine..
  9. Moose Test

    I wouldn't consider height as the only factor in that equation. Roll stiffness may be more important. The compliance required for offroad work makes for less precise handling. I'd guess that the squatch/badlands bilsteins out of their bypass zone are stiffer than the black diamonds, so during...
  10. Rear gears, which to get and why, pros and cons with each

    I HATE the squatch wheels, and with 285s, the wide flares may look extra silly.. I'd pocket the $2500, buy some wheels your wife likes and if I needed the extra 100 rpm, thats what 9th gear is for.. If you're going 2.7, the 35s shouldn't be awful on 4.46's and there is always the 305/70r17 to...
  11. Rear gears, which to get and why, pros and cons with each

    Those figures are with an actual size of 32.1 (I run the same 285/70 KO2s on my wrangler) If you get a closer to actual size 33" (Cooper, Nitto, Toyo are all a little bigger in real life) RPMs drop to about 2170 at 70mph You may be money ahead to NOT squatch it at all, you'll already have the...
  12. Rear gears, which to get and why, pros and cons with each

    Not sure if you are asking about squatch or not, but here's what the calculator shows: 2200 rpm (+/- 20rpm) for the 4.70 gears and 2100 rpm (+/- 20rpm) for the 4.46's
  13. Why not 18s

    17s offer more sidewall for a fixed tire height and are available in more sizes (and for less money) 20s are because the full size truck likes them, and when there are 3.5-4million of them sold a year, tire manufacturers take notice. 18s ONLY advantage is if you want tall and narrow, there is a...
  14. Moose Test

    The difference in tire size is negligible. Specs say the 285/70 is an inch taller, it isn't. I went through both sizes on my wrangler, the width is noticeable, but the 285's were only about 3/8ths of an inch taller. The 4 door with its longer wheelbase will be less roll over prone in...
  15. Swapping out MT 35 inch tire for AT?

    If you want the look of a more tucked in outer edge, buy a wheel that's a half inch narrower, but has the same backspacing. The squatch wheels are 8.5" wide, so buy an 8" wide wheel and stick a 35x12.50 or 315/70 on it..
  16. Rear gears, which to get and why, pros and cons with each

    Huge difference in aero between a closed F150 and a jeep or bronco with no roof or doors. Also, the ratio calculator posted is in direct drive, not OD. 7th in the auto is 1:1, just like 4th in the manual. Here's a better calculator for you: And to save...
  17. 3.73, 4.27 & 4.46 ratio on-road?

    Big blocks are an entirely different animal. And the 460 didn't need gearing to help it. On the 3.6 v6 in new jeeps, 4.88 and 5.13 are the common gear sets for 37" tires depending on manual or automatic. Both of the bronco engines have better power than the 3.6, so I can't imagine a use case...
  18. 3.73, 4.27 & 4.46 ratio on-road?

    I would consider the early 5.0 (pushrod, not the coyote) and the 2.3 power delivery fairly similar. The 2.3 has the edge in raw numbers, and there isn't much lag. Both are out of breath about 5500 rpm.
  19. 3.73, 4.27 & 4.46 ratio on-road?

    I wouldn't consider either of the bronco motors as "high revving". Both are in boost early in the band and run out of breath at the top of the tach.
  20. Rear gears, which to get and why, pros and cons with each

    Pick your tire size and engine/trans combo and work backwards. If you want 35's as an end goal, you will want the 4.70s if you plan to wheel it..