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  1. Dealers are going to make a killing off of the Bronco

    Given that 90% of dealers are unscrupulous, none of this surprises me. I'm always thankful when I find one of the 10% good ones, and stick with 'em.
  2. Video: 2021 Raptor R V8! Debuts Feb 3

    Looking forward to this launch! And hoping that the V8 carries over into the Warthog.
  3. For those sticking with the 2021....why?

    All these comments about death... I don't think it has anything to do with age. 20 year olds die every day, too.
  4. For those sticking with the 2021....why?

    58 is young, buddy. :)
  5. For those sticking with the 2021....why?

    Is it even easy enough to change a reservation to MY2022? I put mine in literally the day after it opened up and Ford's website stopped crapping out... Would love to "delay" converting the reservation into an order, but I'm not sure if that's possible? Anyone know?
  6. Purchased a "bridge" Vehicle until the Bronco delivers

    Lovely! Congrats, enjoy it in the best of health! Mind sharing the build specs? :)
  7. First Year Bronco's will get hit with BIG Depreciation (claims article)

    One of the more useless articles I've seen, to be honest. But yeah, I mean, all regular production cars get hit with "big" depreciation. It's only anomalous situations that don't.
  8. markdown price

    It's on a per dealer basis. Each dealer makes their own rules (they are independent dealers, Ford technically cannot dictate how any of them do their business).
  9. Cost Over MSRP

    There are hundreds and hundreds of Ford dealerships. The fact that some still try to ask for an ADM is idiotic to me. If you're too lazy to hunt, then sure, you deserve to be parted with your money via an ADM. :)
  10. Let the Bronco price hikes begin!

    Too many people have too much money burning holes in their pockets. It's a truck, that you use to beat up on. It's not a concourse quality limited edition Ford GT that you put 15 miles on it each year.
  11. Let the Bronco price hikes begin!

    Forgive me, but why are people paying $10k over MSRP for F150 Raptors? This isn't a limited edition Ford GT.
  12. Spied: 2023 Warthog Bronco Riding on Raptor-Spec Fox Shocks and 35" Sasquatch Tires

    All I can say is: I want a Bronco Warthog. Period. In fact, it might take the place of one of my two "regular" reservations.
  13. First Edition - 3,500 reserved but where are the other 3,500 going?

    I'm just patiently waiting in hopes that some people won't consume their slot, and then I can swoop in and snag it from my dealer / Ford. Might never happen. But, hoping it will. The glitchy website was horrid on launch day.
  14. First Edition - 3,500 reserved but where are the other 3,500 going?

    Supposedly their website accidentally allowed a total of 7k to be reserved (not surprising, it was very glitchy, and despite trying for ~6 hours, I failed to secure one on launch day). Rather than upsetting the 3500 "extra" that did reserve an FE, they increased the limitation number from 3500...