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  1. ramblinwreck

    For those who Purchased a Cactus Gray OBX what interior did you opt for?

    I am considering cactus gray OBX squat h with navy pier or a cactus gray badlands with MGV. I want the badlands but I also want the navy pier. That’s my final dilemma to solve so I can place my order
  2. ramblinwreck

    Ford Estimated MPG Fuel Economy??

    I think Jeep tests a Sport with 29” tires for their fuel economy ratings. Rubicon’s won’t even get close to the sticker.
  3. ramblinwreck

    Dealer Visit: !) What they said about ordering. 2) Test drove FE Bronco Sport. 3) Area 51 & Cactus Grey.

    I think gear ratios are important here. Jeep maxes out at 4.10. Bronco at 4.7. That’s going to have a massive impact on acceleration. I’m not sure about the sports gear ratio, but I am sure it is tiny and suited for MPGs more than acceleration.
  4. ramblinwreck

    First pics of rear cup holders and armrest - in 4 door leather WildTrak

    I have a light tan dashboard in my Porsche, and uneven in the Georgia sun it does not cause any reflections in the windshield that are distracting.
  5. ramblinwreck

    Area 51 Badlands 4 door non-Sasquatch in Wild

    I stopped and saw a A51 Sport today and it looks nothing like the picture here.
  6. ramblinwreck

    Knowing your place in line

    Sorry, I don't see it in a quick search.
  7. ramblinwreck

    Knowing your place in line

    The email I got from Ford said the opposite. The Sept 18th date was the cutoff for MY21, and if you had ordered later than that date, you would be getting a MY22. That being said, that MY21 might not be delivered until Jan 22....
  8. ramblinwreck

    Auto Nation Ford

    This is a 5 hour drive for us Atlanta folk. If nobody in Georgia will step up, perhaps someone in Chattanooga will match(1.5 hour drive)
  9. ramblinwreck

    Levine: new Bronco colors coming in 2022

    Is that Velocity Blue over on the left? I'd get that one.
  10. ramblinwreck

    2022 HERITAGE PACKAGE (Everything it will most likely Include)

    This close to release? I bet its just a bundle of White top, marine grade vinyl, white painted grill, and a special limited edition color(will replace lightning blue).
  11. ramblinwreck

    Levine: new Bronco colors coming in 2022

    Considering all of the delays and shit we have had to deal with, I personally think it is not too much to ask to be told what the 2022 colors will be. Considering the difference between a 2021 and a 2022 might only be a month or two, I would certainly be willing to wait to get the color I...
  12. ramblinwreck

    A Vangler anyone?

    I can’t unsee that
  13. ramblinwreck

    Dealer penalty?

    I can, but thats a pain in the ass I am hoping to avoid. Note that i would have to sell it for $3k more than the dealer offer just to break even on it. Anyhow, dealing with a trade once the Bronco arrives is my largest concern by far. The dealer can either pay a fair market wholesale value...
  14. ramblinwreck

    (2021 Fully Loaded)— Bronco-Badlands vs. Jeep-Rubicon - Pros / Cons

    Personally, I have no problem buying a loaded JLU Rubicon instead of a Badlands. Ultimately, the JLU will have a higher MSRP, but due to dealer discounts will be significantly cheaper to buy. It will really depend on how much trouble it is for me to actually get the Bronco I want.
  15. ramblinwreck

    Dealer penalty?

    Would be about $2800-$3200
  16. ramblinwreck

    Dealer penalty?

    This is my main concern, how to deal with the trade. It seems like they will have to between a rock and a hard place on the trade, and if I sell it to Carmax I will have to take a massive tax penalty.
  17. ramblinwreck

    Sound deadening headliner on Bronco top (first photos)

    I’m not sure that you actually need a straight edge.
  18. ramblinwreck

    Sound deadening headliner on Bronco top (first photos)

    Looks like thin carpet glued to the top.
  19. ramblinwreck

    Side steps vs rock rails

    If they are bolt on, that would be good to know. I want sliders, but I’ve vertically challenged passengers. I have to have steps of some sort.