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  1. Noticed that Austin is getting hot…

    Any chance the Off-Roadeo runs with the doors off? I assume windows have to be down to hear the instructors, so A/C prob doesn’t do much (especially if someone is in the back seat).
  2. Delta discount with Off-Roadeo

    Did anyone notice any type of actual discount with the code provided after registering for a Roadeo? I took the link provided in the email, but the rates from Delta didn’t appear to be any cheaper than regular bookings.
  3. Question for those that attended Off-Roadeo in Austin

    Did you stay at Horseshoe Bay, or pick a different location? Curious the drive time to the event if I were to stay in Austin to be able to easily experience more of the city. Thanks! Ruz
  4. Build & price shows NO temperature displays in the knobs now...

    The Build & Price website now does not show the temperature displays in the knobs...I guess some heads can stop exploding now. :D
  5. Roof rack rails question

    If you order the roof rails/crossbars from the factory, do you also get the caps for the windshield frame if you want to take the rails off? Thanks, Ruz
  6. Curious if just me, or the website from my order

    Ordered from my dealer and I instantly got a Ford email confirming my order was placed. Had a summary of the order in the email, and a link at the top titled 'View Online'. When I would click it, it went to a webpage that was basically the same as the email. For some reason last night, I...
  7. Width of storage area in 4 door?

    Does anyone know the width of the storage area at the narrowest point (between the wheel wells) in a 4-door? I have found all kinds of illustrations with dimensions, but haven’t been able to find that measurement. Thanks! Ruz
  8. Do orders affect a dealers allocation?

    Curious if orders affect a dealers allocation? I understand the logic behind allocations…no sense sending 100 of a vehicle to a dealer that might only sell 2 a month, but if a dealer is only allocated 2 Broncos, but happen to get 50 orders, it seems odd if those people at the end of the line...
  9. Curious about timing on website

    Curious if anyone can shed some light on when an order shows up on the website under 'My Account'. I received an email from Ford as soon as my dealer placed the order, but when I go to My Account on the website and go to the 'orders' section, nothing is listed. Email address for my...
  10. Intro and question about the upgraded B&O System

    Hello All. First post...just ordered my Bronco today and very excited. Question for those that have the upgraded sound system...what do you think of it? Looking forward to learning a lot from this forum! Ruz