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  1. Guidance on Order & Constraints

    I agree with that...except that you can get an aftermarket Tow hitch for ~$100 that takes 10 minutes to install and is as well done as the factory hitch. So, either way, I would drop the factory one if the main purpose is the bike rack. If you ever get the small trailer, you can also add a...
  2. What have you heard? Will all current orders be built before the start of production of the 2023 model year?

    They’ll build enough Broncos at current production rates to fill all orders…but they’re filling to dealer allocation, not filling in reservation order, so there will be tons of stock orders going out while customers who reserved still sit and wait.
  3. To Squatch or Not To Squatch on Badlands

    Sasquatch is well worth it. Much better looking, and noticeably better ground clearance. Take it all day long…you’ll kick yourself later if you pass up factory 35s. Do it.
  4. Door Alignment Pin Missing?

    I went to pull the doors off today and didn’t realize until now that I don’t have a door alignment pin in my tool kit. Does anyone know the part number or where I can get one? Thanks.
  5. Exploring off-the-shelf tie rod upgrades

    “All evidence” doesn’t even come close to saying that upgrading the tie rods blows up the steering rack. Where did you get that? Evidence is that the steering rack is at risk when you lift the truck and the angles change. Not otherwise.
  6. Exploring off-the-shelf tie rod upgrades

    From the guy who designed the BroncoBuster fix: #2 please please please reconsider adding any form of Hiem tie rod!!! 3/4 of my failures in initial testing have been using Hiem joints. My own build, and then another manufactures. There is not enough articulation in the Hiem and it’s like an...
  7. Anyone else think that the SAS tires suck in the rain?

    No, they’re great in the rain. No problems.
  8. Matt’s Offroad Recovery rescues a Bronco by welding tie rods on the trail!

    Yeah, I went with those for $50…I like the design better, and the other ones for $400 is ridiculous.
  9. Tie Rod Reinforcement from Zone Off Road

    You sure that one was the steering rack? I thought that was just tie rod breakages as well.
  10. Tie Rod Reinforcement from Zone Off Road

    It seems the racks are only breaking when the truck is lifted more than 3”. Have you seen a stock or equivalent Bronco with 35s break a rack? The lift changes the angle and allows for that failure. Most of the broken rack reports were also the guy selling the rack fix bushing for a crazy...
  11. Tie Rod Reinforcement from Zone Off Road

    I see that Zone Off Road now offers a Tie Rod Sleeve. Has anybody put it on yet? It's a lot more palatable at $52 than the guy trying to ram it to everybody for $400, so I may pull the trigger. I wouldn't think it would be hard to put on...
  12. Spare Tire Upgrade

    1) Don't put on 20s. They are awful on a vehicle meant for off road. 2) Upgrade the spare, and rotate all 5 tires. You'll spend more up front but also go 20% longer before replacing tires...and you get a good looking tire out back that matches. It's the best look, way better than a tire cover.
  13. Ford says it will NOT ALLOW order transfers anymore

    Ah, again, a distraction from the point that has no bearing on the discussion. Ford is not out of build-able reservation units, except in situations that they can't build at all. That's not why they are building stock units....and you know it. There are plenty of reservation units that don't...
  14. Ford says it will NOT ALLOW order transfers anymore

    Let us know when Ford runs out of buildable reservation units. Until that happens, your unlikely hypothetical is just a distraction for what is going on here.
  15. Ford says it will NOT ALLOW order transfers anymore

    That is simply not true. Ford made no mention of that at all, until the FAQ's were changed for a second time...and then a 3rd. In the initial FAQ's: Will reservations be fulfilled in the order placed? • Reservations will be fulfilled in approximately the same order received, based on final...
  16. Portable tire inflator recommendations

    Second vote for the Napa: It is usually around $100 with the $20 off deal they always run. For that price, it is incredible and blows away the ARB as far as time to fill. I put a split in the original line so I can pump up 2 tires at once, and I...
  17. Ford says it will NOT ALLOW order transfers anymore

    I bought in PA at a similar deal...paid $394 doc fee, compared to the standard $899 in Virginia. Invoice was about $2,600 under MSRP. I saved another 3% off invoice, so that's another $1,680 plus $500 in savings on doc actually $4,780 less than most are paying, and fantastic service. I...
  18. Dealership sold my bronco Order

    I understand the urge to slap on that review...but it's like telling the waiter before you get your food that you aren't leaving a tip because he was slow getting to your table. Bad idea until the bird is in the hand. You live and learn...
  19. Ford says it will NOT ALLOW order transfers anymore

    More like saving $3,400 or it's $1k below invoice, not MSRP. I think with doc fees being cheaper too, I saved a bit over $4k from a different dealer who was discounting as well. I have also had mine for several months, so you on your high horse are still waiting and also paying $4k+...