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  1. Badlands Area 51 wrapped in XPEL Stealth and Ceramic Coated

    Ceramic coating makes everything easier to clean. I use Adams products but most reputable brands can be found for about $100 to $200. The ceramic coating part is easy, it is all the prep work which is what adds up in time and labor.
  2. Badlands Area 51 wrapped in XPEL Stealth and Ceramic Coated

    My complete stealth was a little over $4k. I did ceramic on my own as have done many times, they wanted another $1k which is way too much since no paint correction required. I didn't do the roll bars. Cleaning is same as always, soft and clean microfiber towel with 2 bucket wash.
  3. Changed out standard bumper for Heavy-Duty Modular Bumper.

    Yes, worked them to align tabs as close as possible and used rubber mallet. I'm sure there are part numbers somewhere but I used brute force lol, and it has worked fine with nice tight fit. You can see them in this pic. Also added before.
  4. Post Your Topless Broncos

    I‘m confused by your avatar lol
  5. Changed out standard bumper for Heavy-Duty Modular Bumper.

    They definitely are slightly different but I just forced them in and they work fine.
  6. Bimini Shade Gearshade VS JTop

    WTF, how am I not being factual? As I stated, it has no issues at 80 for me, I don't plan on eating off it while I drive lol. I have no issue with your product but now for sure have no need for it.
  7. Bimini Shade Gearshade VS JTop

    Why would they post one? Seems pretty boring but I'm sure you can test the competition if you want. No the real tops not Bimini, I thought I saw yours doesn't work for both but could be wrong.
  8. washing with top off?

    I do it no issues with power wash and foam. Just don't spray over halfway windows.
  9. Bronco currently selling in similar numbers to Bronco Sport

    Agree, just should be the Escape.
  10. Bimini Shade Gearshade VS JTop

    Gearshade for the win for me. I have both tops and also quick to remove when want to see stars. Had it up to 80 with no issues. I like the little bit of sun let in as it gets my regular glasses to activate the transition lenses.
  11. Aux Upfitter Overhead Switches installed! - DIY writeup instructions & photos

    I haven't pulled codes, but no dash lights. I'm going to see if my one auto buddy has the right tool to do the programming. Figured with my most recent experiences at dealerships they wouldn't know what to do even if I brought in the procedure you provided.
  12. Aux Upfitter Overhead Switches installed! - DIY writeup instructions & photos

    I finally had time to get the fuse box installed. Not too bad, just understand you have to put pressure on the small harness assemblies after you get the main box tabs freed. I was worried I was going to break something, so took a timeout and figured it out. Once applied pressure the bolts...
  13. Bronco Raptor Driving Impression Video = Holy $H337

    It isn't that unusual per a few sources on 4 wheel drive or AWD vehicles. Agree that would be at the very high end. All dynos and types can give very different #'s that us why so important to baseline and get updates from same one to see deltas.
  14. Aux switches - are they causing order delay or no?

    Anyone that orders Aux switches and decides they want factory console sunglass holder let me know as I have one to sell. I got an abandoned order and added Aux after the fact. Not fun so if you think you will use at all, keep that box checked.
  15. JTopsUSA Bronco Hardtop Bimini 4 Door Sun Shade Update!

    This looks like a great product for those that always want shade. We have both tops and like sun on some days so went with the competitor as extremely easy on and off. The drilling was not a big deal at all. I’m sure if not currently you will eventually be able to by the latch you drill since...
  16. Kansas WTS Bronco Factory Running Boards

    I have a takeoff set with less than 500 miles on Bonco. Looking for $350 or BO. Would rather not ship but if requested will do at buyer's expense. Went with Rock Rails instead but do a great job if looking for steps and nicely Bronco branded.
  17. Late April Update - Granger Ford

    I'm in 99 status. Any on here have Oct 31 reservation date to give me an idea of where I stand # wise?
  18. Sasquatch with factory running boards - Ford Provide a Fix!

    My fix until a not ridiculously priced option comes available. $25 Amazon for Ford branded. Nice and flexible. Factory tabs used.
  19. LED Cargo Area Lighting Module from ORACLE Lighting

    Will these start shippping next week as originally stated?