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  1. Bronco currently selling in similar numbers to Bronco Sport

    My wife loves her bronco sport outerbanks. Paid 1k under msrp too. Thats the main reason i had to order a bronco for myself. She was gonna get a bronco and i was gonna keep my f150. but now she really doesn't want to trade her sport so my f150 is probably gone.
  2. Husky X-act Contour® All-Weather Floor Liners

    i have husky liners in my F150, Weathertech in my work car 13 Focus, and SmartLiner in the wifes 2021 Bronco Sport. The Husky liners and smart liners definitely cover better than the weather tech especially back under the front of the seat. Ill probably do husky liners in the bronco unless we...
  3. Base Model added Badlands Wheels and Tires

    Im definetly gonna end up with a set of those wheels for my black diamond when it comes if any pop up locally. They look great. Best bronco wheel IMO
  4. Silver powder coated Sasquatch wheels

    I like it but i think it would look better with different color or black rings. Just my opinion. Way to be different!
  5. MachOneGarage's Four Door Retro Sport Build

    Indeed that grill is the best retro grill Ive seen. Awesome job!
  6. Lightning Blue Bronco Customized With White MIC Top, White Grill, Yellow Letters & Accents

    I have yet to see someone paint one this way yet. I'm not into the throwback look as much so my black diamond is staying black, but it makes sense if your trying to copy the original.
  7. Lightning Blue Bronco Customized With White MIC Top, White Grill, Yellow Letters & Accents

    Looks good. I think the edge of the grille to the style line needs painted body color instead of white and let the center white. I did this in paint so dont beat me up too bad.
  8. Anybody take delivery of your Bronco and now have buyer's remorse?

    my only remorse may be trading my F150 for it, but i think the bronco will do everything i need my truck to do with a utility trailer. ( I hope haha)

    This may be a dumb noob question, but besides asking the dealership, is there any way to see how many bronco allocations a dealer has?
  10. Antimatter Base Sasquatch 2 Door Build

    Man i wish i could've went with a 2 door, but trading my f150 supercrew, i couldn't give up anymore room lol. That looks amazing. Well done!
  11. Broncos Pulling Trailers Pics - Add Yours

    Haha I figured. What are u towing in the trailer?
  12. Broncos Pulling Trailers Pics - Add Yours

    Wow how does your bronco tow? I'm gonna be picking up a 5x8 or 6x10 for my sons oval kart. adding the hitch myself so im getting something without brakes.
  13. Are you getting hood struts? Which ones?

    No brainer. I have MRT struts on my Mach 1. They fit great. Owner of the company, Scott Hoag, was the ford engineer responsible for the 01 Bullitt Mustang and the 03 Mach 1. Great guy. Ive met him at Carlisle. Glad to see he's making stuff for the Bronco. Definitely a great guy to support.
  14. Maryland Bronco Buyers - Where did you purchase from?

    Ive purchased 2 vehicles from Eric. Great salesman with no issues. Definitely a nice guy. With that being said, I had a a bad experience previously with their service department that steered me away from ordering there. I ordered from BJ Maurer in Boswell PA. Wife just purchased a Bronco...
  15. Powdercoated my Outer Banks (OBX) wheels!

    Powercoating is a lot more durable than regular paint. We had my wifes edge sport wheels power coated when she had it. She curbed one of them and barely put a mark in the power coat. Regular paint is gonna get chipped up quickly on regular wheels.
  16. Calling all R/C enthusiasts

    Just start out with the 3s batteries since you can control the speed on the controller. theres a switch on the controller to adjust the speed from 50 to 75 to 100 percent. get zeee lipos at least 5200mah hard pack batteries with an ec5 plug. 7200mah is is even better for your run time. Im...
  17. Started as a base

    Painted grill letters look great with the velocity blue. Great Job on everything!
  18. Practicality of a Bronco

    Wow thats crazy. Id definitely entertain offers I dont have the original wheels. Sold them with the original dry rotted tires. Got most of the other stock stuff including the stock springs. Id entertain offers on it. Didnt realize the price went up on them so much and they were that...
  19. Practicality of a Bronco

    Wow I just looked at the price. They did go up. You're definitely in the ballpark for sure👍