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  1. Badlands Area 51 wrapped in XPEL Stealth and Ceramic Coated

    Wow that works well on the Area51 color. Nice!

    Can't wait to SEND IT smooth!
  3. Safety Features - What does what?

    Thanks, Rex! I have heard that relocating the ACC sensor behind the grille is tough to get right. I was curious if the parking sensors just cause the truck to beep when you get close to something or do they impact other features? I am trying to be careful before I go crazy with mods, lol.
  4. CYBER ORANGE Bronco Club

    This might be my favorite looking retro mod so far. Especially with the raised white letter tires. Easily one of the coolest Outer Banks I've ever seen...and even nicer with the body-colored fenders.
  5. Safety Features - What does what?

    Hi Gang, I will admit I am completely new to the forum but have been a long-time lurker. :) I'm a total noob, so go easy on me. :D I have a MY22 Badlands 7MT lux package on order and I was wondering...what sensors on the vehicle are responsible for the various safety and "driving" features? For...
  6. CYBER ORANGE Bronco Club

    They’re $500+ made by Traxxas. It is way more fun than I expected (2 gears, front and rear lockers), light kit upgrades, working winch upgrade. I don’t love how high maintenance the batteries are. We got ours at the local hobby store but they are available online.
  7. CYBER ORANGE Bronco Club

    Wife picked this up for me as a surprise to hold me off until his 4-door Badlands big brother gets here. Then she liked it so much she got one.:D