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  1. Bronco currently selling in similar numbers to Bronco Sport

    Similar but Ford could have their own model. Again, there have been multiple folks in this thread that have said if Ford offered a fixed roof/door option they'd opt for that. You'd get much better interior room and better B/C pillars. You'd get a nice panoramic roof option or bigger moon roof...
  2. Bronco currently selling in similar numbers to Bronco Sport

    I never said they compared off road wise. What I said was many want what the Bronco offers but with permanent doors and roof like the Sport offers and other vehicles like the 4 Runner. Yes they don't just come off, but the engineering/structural durability & especially sound dampening are...
  3. Bronco currently selling in similar numbers to Bronco Sport

    A lot of people don't want removable doors/roof panels. They want more of a luxury off-roader... Ford should really consider offering another Bronco that is the Bronco but without removable doors/roof and with a sun/moon roof. Yes it would take a slight redesign but you'd have a hit. There's a...
  4. Good trip (4000 miles) to see real highway mileage of Bronco 2.7L

    Just saw your trip posted. When you're in Sioux Falls, make sure you go to the Falls themselves. And while you're there, you should hit up a place called Taphouse 41. Little place in a strip mall that has great food. ROAM also is a good place. Make sure you hit up...
  5. 2022 MotorTrend SUV of the Year award finalist - Bronco

    Interesting quick read on the Bronco as one of the finalists...especially on the build quality or lack of.
  6. Diesel fuel filled in my 2.7 Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 😱

    Diesel pumps have a different shape/width of the nozzle. You can't put them in a regular gas tank at least around where I live. Prevents this from happening.
  7. DC Area Bronco Crew to Rausch Creek

    Whoever owns "4Loki" I've seen your truck in the FC Target parking lot lol.
  8. 2023 Ranger Raptor World Premiere!

    Yep if they bring this to the 2023 which is about when I'm looking that would be great.
  9. My 2-Door Basesquatch 2.7L Build

    Nice work looks great! Interior pictures please!
  10. Bronco Raptor Interior Spied With Paddle Shifters, Digital Analog-Style Tach & Upgraded Dash

    Agreed...I'd rather have physical gauges and then between them the digital necessities. My S4 is this way, I optioned out of the all digital cockpit. Plus the physical gauges look good starting up/lit up and fill the space much better. Speedometer/Tachometer/Temp/Fuel should always be analog IMO.
  11. My first 24hrs: snow storm, freezing rain and a bit of snow inside!

    I know this will never happen and no I don't want a Sport, but I'd love for them to offer the exact same Bronco design without removable doors/roof and basically just a sun/moon roof. All the removable components is what allows all the elements to get in. 🔥 away
  12. 📸 2022 Bronco Everglades spied in DESERT SAND paint!

    Is the snorkel removable if you don't ever plan to go deep water?
  13. RESOLVED! Dealer screwed me - 10k over msrp - Lindsay Ford - Wheaton, MD

    Yah why should anyone delete anything negative to say about them. Those folks posting didn't make any agreement with Lindsay Ford. These dealers are they not think this stuff will make it back to the forums or news outlets? They talk about not wanting negative publicity yet bring...
  14. Who has yet to even see a Bronco in person?

    Guy was loading a Badlands SQ from local VA dealer in a Target parking lot and taking to FL for delivery. He let me look inside it and everything before loading it onto the trailer. Then saw another Badlands in the same parking lot minutes later. Seen about 5 in person and a bunch on the road...
  15. 📝 UPDATE Dec 12th: My Letter to the Ford Executive Team: Submitted Customer Feedback Proposal and Response

    Wow just read this original post...I had a Explorer Sport for 20 years and the quality was pretty good on it...went 250K miles before I sold it last year...switched to an Audi S4 while waiting for the Bronco news back in 2018. I can tell you bar-none this Audi S4 is the best car/machine I've...
  16. 2022 Bronco Raptor makes most revealing public appearance yet

    Shouldn't this thing have dual exhaust?