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  1. My Little Pony is growing UP! NonSAS Badlands on 37s

    37s just look right on the 4 door. 100% the size it;s meant to have. Ever since that concept with white crossbars and area 51 paint I've known that it just fits the proportions. Also, those rims are perfect Good for you!
  2. Bronco currently selling in similar numbers to Bronco Sport

    I'd say at this point every car is selling as fast as it can be produced. The world's short on cars at the moment.
  3. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    3:45 am Built 5am shipped Blend 5/9 #122
  4. Maine Explorer

    New England Broncos

    Looks really fun! Just looked into the facebook group and hopefully will join soon.
  5. Is Mid Package a must for a daily driver?

    The aftermarket is going to make adding heated seats a lot easier than it's going to make adding a stick shift. Most of the more expensive seat covers have a heating option. There are also cheapo ones but I don't know how good they are and they definitely don't look good. It's a crime that you...
  6. Bronco badge signs!

    Since they didn't think of the base model folks you can buy one from me: Jokes aside I like these and think they're great.
  7. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    Oh my, I just got a vin in an email from ford! 2 door mansquach base
  8. Integrated Roof/Windshield LED Light Bar System for 2021+ Ford Bronco

    This looks super strange to me but not bad strange. I'm confused by this but also really like it. Cool idea!
  9. Velocity Blue Raptor Bronco With MGV Interior Pics and Fly-By Video Sound Clip

    Velocity Blue Bronco Raptor Velocity Blue Raptor Velocity Raptor Veloci Raptor Velociraptor!!!!!!!
  10. What's your unpopular Bronco opinion?

    SAS fenders look a touch dumb and just too big(but I got them anyway because Base sas had what I really cared about for less $ than badlands) maybe I want a baselands or badbase. the smaller fenders lift and wheels but still the upgraded final drive, 4wd, suspension and difs AMB is a great...

    Day 3, but I want stick and a 2 door. If you got a 4 door auto in 4 months I'm not even a little jealous
  12. MommaLongNips's Bronco Build

    Wow, ok, turns out I DO like graphic wraps now that I've seen this one!
  13. 2-door is huge constraint

    Yes, you GD will and I will too!!! Don't lose hope buddy. I was down in the dumps a month ago too but everyone who's got one loves it and even though the line we're in isn't fair and many people have cut to the front we're still at least a year sooner than anyone who wants to order one today...
  14. 2-door is huge constraint

    Hold the line! The question is never "what's easier to get a 2 door or a more door" The question is always "when will my 2 door come" 2 doors and a stick or bust! The availability of the 4 door is a moot point. That said, if anyone has a 4 door auto please take me for a ride and allow me to...
  15. Pics of ADD Rockfighter Bumper, Warn Winch, and Rigid Lights installed

    I like that the lights make a face. It's like it's gritting its teeth going, "oh boy you're going to take me on some really serious trails now that I've got this winch aren't you?"
  16. Got super glue on the dash 😭 Looking for advice

    Anything you're planning on trying should be tried on a less visible area first. I see a lot of good ideas in this thread I'd just test them somewhere less visible before trying them, just my 2 cents. Hope it's an easy fix
  17. Bronco Keyed

    Damn, I was hoping a camera got a plate or something so she could be punished. If she was really trying to play hero just call parking enforcement. People really think they're the judge jury and exicutioner
  18. Bronco Keyed

    You saw them do it? Legal action?
  19. Dealership sold my bronco Order

    Damn, if this escalates that Ford rep is probably not going to have a job anymore. Their advice to have you call the police is absolutely ludicrous. As much as I agree you were very much entitled to this vehicle, from a legal perspective the dealership does still own it 100% Crazy that they...