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  1. ADD Rock Fighter Rear Bumper Installed!

    Here you go for anyone wondering what it looks like.
  2. North Georgia Selling SAS wheels and tires

    Thinking of selling all 5 of my sas wheels and tires (3k miles). The beauty ring has been powder-coated Kingsport gray to match CG body color. Wanted check interest? I'm in the North Georgia area (Lake Lanier area). $2,500 OBO? Not really sure what they are worth.
  3. Wiring DRLs and Low/High Beams on Baja Designs LP6/LP9

    Anyone do this yet? Report to us. Pictures are always great. Thx.
  4. Typical RAM ball size for dash mounts???

    What ball size are most of you running? Most typical? B or C probably?
  5. CarPlay not working with iOS 15.1.1 ?

    Anyone else’s Apple CarPlay not work with the new iOS update?
  6. TripleB’s Base Sasquatch Rig Journal

    Well, I’m about 1 week and 300 miles in. As a GM and former Jeep guy this rig has exceed my expectations. I’ll elaborate later. For now, here’s what I’ve done so far. Done so far, UPDATED: 20% hybrid tint to match the rear OEM trailer hitch with ext Stubby antenna WT/FE horse Powder coated...
  7. SEMA Nov 2-5, 2021 - POST PICTURES HERE!!!

    SEMA is coming soon. I'm looking forward to seeing what Bronco content comes out of SEMA this there. I think there will be a ton of Bronco parts out there. Post pictures, etc here.
  8. Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator

  9. 🛠 9/20 Build Week Group

    Couldn't find one so here we go. Just waiting for window sticker and update here.
  10. Show us your GVWR sticker....

    Post pictures of your GVWR sticker with vehicle details here. I'm curious what everyone's payload is looking like.
  11. Who wants 40s? THE OFFICIAL 40 INCH TIRE THREAD!!!

    Anyone planning on 40s? Add: I should add I don’t plan to go 40s but I want to watch someone else go for it.
  12. The trim and spec you’ll never see on the lot

    2 door base Sasquatch 2.7L. What do you think?
  13. What will be your top rotation?

    I've had 3 jeep wranglers (2000 TJ manual, 2013 JKU Sport auto & 2015 JKU Rubicon manual) before so I have an idea of my desired top rotation. These are important things to be thinking about right now. Some of you may think it's covid19, the economy, world peace or the environment but no it's...
  14. Rubicon Trail anyone???

    Ok with your order out of the way and now waiting..... Anyone planning a trip? I'd like to take the Bronco to the Rubicon Trail one day but it is 2,000 miles away for me..... Moab and Black Bear Pass are on the list also.
  15. 1st Things You'll Do After Delivery

    Follow format below. Me (2 door base sasquatch): Day 1: Drive around all day with the top off, maybe a mountain drive. Beers at lunch for sure. Day 2: Ceramic tint Tow hitch for my bike rack Floor & cargo liners Bimini (canvas) when available Ceramic coating? Plastic dip or powder coat wheel...
  16. Request: Sasquatch Bronco with Non-Sasquatch Fenders

    I want to see this.
  17. Widebody/Raptor Light Kit for Bronco

    Any of you Ford guys think this will be available somewhere? The 3 amber lights would look good with the standard LED headlight DRLs. A widebody kit would be cool too.
  18. MPG Difference Between the 2.3 and 2.7?

    What is the MPG going to be for these engines?