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  1. Door decal strip idea

    So I wanted to make a strip for the door of my 2 door and a buddies 4.door.I've never done anything at this scale before so I'm open to criticism. I've only always just done window decals. Anyway, what do you think? This one is just taped on, the white area would be body color. I can't decide...
  2. Kid Trax 12v Ford Bronco is on sale.

    I've wanting to get one of these for a while now, I don't have any kids young enough to ride it but I wanted none the less. I had looked at a couple on FB market place for $275.00. I was looking at the Bronco 2021+ FB group and someone posted a link for it on sale for half off. So it's $200.00...
  3. Westin step bars through Ford.

    So I had to go pick my Raptor up from the oil change today, while I was in there I asked the parts guy about the removable hoop step bars that's on the B&P. He said no but he could order me some Westin step bars and I could use my Ford points. So I ordered up a set for my 2 door. 490.00 plus...
  4. Ford removable hoop step part number

    I tried to search it with no luck, anyone have the part number for the removable hoop step that Ford offers?
  5. The wife wanted Bronco hat.

    So we were cruising around the other day and the wife's hair was every where. She asked me to make her a hat. She loved it, was going to do BRONCO in a color close to Cactus Grey but never did find a thread to match, so she chose all black. She's happy so I am happy. If you would like one for...
  6. Sunglass holder - custom designed

    Like many of you I have auxiliary switches, so I have no place to put my sunglasses other than the center console which my wife tends to keep full. And I really couldn't find anything that I liked out on Amazon, so few minutes with tinkercad and this is what I come up with. Very simple design...
  7. Side marker light tint.

    I had some vinyl tint laying around in my garage, I was thinking I'd tint the lights on the mirror and the side marker lights. But I changed my mind on the mirror lights. So I did the marker lights, think
  8. Rock climbing fail - flipover

    Sorry if this was already posted, I hadn't seen it anywhere. Things didn't go so well...
  9. First Batch MY22 T-shirts

    Got about another week before the order bank closes on the First Batch MY22 T-shirts. These are for anyone who's rig is a MY 22, custom made logo by a long time member here @Jazer. The design has been approved by Ford itself to be used. This will probably be the last run of these, so get them...
  10. CNC Router

    I am in the market for a "desktop" CNC router. Any members have one that can point me in the right direction? Thanks
  11. Tennessee Ford Approved and TM-First Batch MY22 T-Shirts

    These shirts are a custom design that @Jazer designed and got approved by Ford to use on shirts. I am offering them up for sale to anyone who is intrested in having these cool shirts. You will not find them anywhere else but here. There are 2 designs that are available in both long sleeve, short...
  12. Ford Safari bar

    I thought Ford was coming out with a smaller safari bar, am I wrong about that? I've got $1,300 worth of Ford points burning a whole in my virtual wallet.
  13. Hardtop tie downs/quick discount.

    Has anyone bought these for their Bronco, or used them on a Jeep before? Just wondering if they are worth the cost. Hardtop tie down/quick disconnect.
  14. Blower for drying anyone tried this one?

    I was looking for a blower to dry off the Bronco after cleaning. I've seen the $200.00 and up ones and I will not pay that much for one. Of course I hit up Amazon and I ran across this one, 50 bucks and gets decent reviews. Thinking I might pull the trigger on it, any else bought this?Mini blower
  15. Budget minded ditch lights

    Looking to install some ditch lights, but have no desire to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars on them. As they will be more for looks than used. I've had my far share of Amazon lights, some good some bad. I am looking for recommendations for some decent if there is such a thing Amazon...
  16. New CG 2door RC Bronco from Tamiya

    Seen it on Twitter, found a YT clip and a article about it. Will be buying this.... CG RC Bronco RC Bronco
  17. 2 door rock sliders / steps options?

    Whats the deal with the lack of rock slides/steps for 2 doors? Everything I find is 4 door and the few I do find for 2 door are stupid prices. I really like the D6 Dominator from Go Rhino, but nope 4 door only.
  18. Possible to change what's on the start up screen?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to change what's on the start up screen when you open the door of either the 8" or 12"?
  19. Bad idea?

    So I am thinking about ordering these for my WT, would it be a bad idea to just wire them to the low beams? I don't want to use the uplifters or buy a whole new headlight switch with fog button. What do you all think...
  20. Do these wheels exist for the Bronco?

    I know they make these wheels for early Bronco. But does anyone know if they make them for new Bronco?