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  1. I've been "built and awaiting shipping" for over 60 days now.

    Not mad at you at all. Because I disagree with your approach in no way means it angers me. I feel sorry for the CS Reps that have to listen to these dumb ass questions all day. (y)
  2. I've been "built and awaiting shipping" for over 60 days now.

    A real issue is someone who has a Ford vehicle and needs assistance with something. Calling to ask when you will get your vehicle is never going to get you an answer. You knowing the “status” of your vehicle means exactly squat. Your calls are not contributing in any shape or form to how Ford...
  3. I've been "built and awaiting shipping" for over 60 days now.

    How many times have you called the CS number already…and what benefit has it brought you? Did you get your truck any sooner? Now, how much time have you wasted for a customer who might be trying to call CS for a real issue that might need to be resolved?
  4. Confirmed “Chip Hold” Thread

    Don’t take offense to this, but it’s not up to them to tell you why your vehicle isn’t finished, or where it is in the process, and damn sure isn’t their job to tell you why something went wrong. If you think Ford doesn’t want to get you your vehicle as soon as possible, you are crazy. This is...
  5. Confirmed “Chip Hold” Thread

    They would be better served by giving less info...better yet, no info. Your vehicle is ready when your dealer calls you and tells you it is there.
  6. Bronco currently selling in similar numbers to Bronco Sport

    Because demand is so low on the Bronco??
  7. Stop ship on Broncos?? Can anyone confirm? [Unconfirmed Rumor]

    Waiting to read the story soon on some BS website saying that all Bronco's have been fitted with wheel boots to prevent them from moving, and referencing this post as the source! :ROFLMAO: There is no stop-ship on Bronco from Ford.
  8. Ford Order Confirmation Email Link

    I noticed this same thing before. The link worked when I first got it, and then there was a point where it didn't. That did make me go hmmmm...but at some point it started working again. I just checked mine, and it is not working again. Personally, I am not worrying about it.
  9. Ford Order Confirmation Email Link

    Do yourself a favor and forget about the fact that you ordered a Bronco. You should get an email as it moves through the process. At the very least, you will get a call from your dealer some day telling you that your truck is at the dealership...then go buy it. The way some people seem to...
  10. Ford Motor Company Lied

    That is your own fault…you have nobody to blame for that but you.
  11. 53,000 Ford vehicles currently waiting for chips

    They should be putting all of their resources into getting F150's out, and they have already stated that the F150 Lightning and the Mach-E are top priorities. If the components are available to get those vehicles out, that is where they will go first.
  12. Noticed that Austin is getting hot…

    Thanks…forgot about the radios. Looking forward to it!
  13. Noticed that Austin is getting hot…

    Any chance the Off-Roadeo runs with the doors off? I assume windows have to be down to hear the instructors, so A/C prob doesn’t do much (especially if someone is in the back seat).
  14. Bronco Raptor Driving Impression Video = Holy $H337

    Ooh…you got me on that one. Way to prove me wrong.
  15. Bronco Raptor Driving Impression Video = Holy $H337

    You think there is a 25% drivetrain loss?
  16. Bronco Raptor Driving Impression Video = Holy $H337

    Something seems off with those numbers since stock ST ratings are 400/415.
  17. Bronco Raptor Driving Impression Video = Holy $H337

    Considering it is the same engine that is in my Explorer ST, I really think this was just a 'throw in' to say it has a bigger engine than the 2.7, but doesn't do much in reality. They proved with the DR that they can fit a V8 in it, and I think they should have done that with the Raptor. Make...
  18. 2dr Door Bags?

    4 Door bags probably will not work since the doors are different sizes. Not sure if there are 2 door bags since you cannot store the doors in the back of the 2 door. That being said, I'm sure you can find something that will work for "off vehicle" storage.
  19. Squeak coming from Cargo Area - Fixed âś…

    I understand the OP's solution for the noise...but was the issue caused by a misalignment of the top, or misalignment of the fender? Not sure if that is clear, but is the problem with the top, but moving the fender location fixes the symptom?