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  1. 🛠 4/25/22 Build Week Group

    I'm tried this and it says the vehicle has to be near me.
  2. 🛠 4/25/22 Build Week Group

    How did you do that. My Ford Pass app says I need it to be delivered before I can activate it.
  3. Floor mats and cargo liner for Bronco 4dr are installed

    Looks like a great deal and really needed in Minnesota winters. Just need my Bronco to show up!
  4. I see the Bronco I ordered for sale on my dealers website

    It's normal. Mine is listed as a 7sp with tow package. I dont have those two options. It's also listed for more than what I will pay. Don't create a problem that's not there.
  5. 🛠 4/25/22 Build Week Group

    Keep the faith. Ive been in production since April 24th and no update
  6. Flowmaster Exhaust Buyer's Guide

    Great information! Thanks. The sound portion was the most interesting part.
  7. Can't pin the phone widget to bottom of Android Auto

    I believe that is your last used app in the section of AA. It changes when you chose different apps.
  8. Katzkin Leather Covers w/ Cooled & Heated Seats install

    No rear seat arm rests?
  9. 🛠 4/25/22 Build Week Group

    BagsBronco22 is correct.
  10. How long does it take after vehicle goes in to production?

    Im still in the same boat as you. Chat says mine should be done by the 17th. So who knows.
  11. 🛠 4/25/22 Build Week Group

    I want to know!!! LOL
  12. 🛠 4/25/22 Build Week Group

    Im in the same boat, except when i talk to Ford. They first said to the dealer by the 18th i think, now they said it should be finished by that date. Not to sure who to believe. I just hope to have it before july.
  13. Ok, Who Are The MN Future Bronco Owners!?

    Not sure if I posted here, but I'm in Andover still waiting on my Bronco at this time.
  14. 🛠 4/25/22 Build Week Group

    Mine did the same thing.
  15. Difference back door Ford order tracking vs Main Ford site

    If you're referring to Ford Pass, it won't show up. You have to manually add your vehicle to.the app. You can use your vin to add them.
  16. 🛠 4/25/22 Build Week Group

    I'm in the same boat. Chat originally said it would ship between 5/11 and 5/17. Now they are saying it will be built during that time frame. So who knows.
  17. SZairborne

    Midwest Bronco Bros & Sis

    Congratulation! Im still waiting on my bronco, but would really be interested in something like this.
  18. Transmission issue

    Take it in!