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  1. Flat Tow 2.7l Electric Brake/BMS time out. NTHSA claim

    While I understand the idea, I'm not sure it'll wind up with an end result of EBB assist during flat-tow. Generally the existing standard was that systems would need to supply vacuum pressure to allow boosted operation on those systems that require it but otherwise no vehicle side boost is...
  2. Flat Tow 2.7l Electric Brake/BMS time out. NTHSA claim

    The BMS and shutdown of EBB are not exactly related. BMS is more for intentionally live use systems like using your radio while the vehicle is off or generator failure while the vehicle is running. Not dismissing that there is an issue with the timeout delay for EBB just it’s not wholly tied...
  3. Flat Tow 2.7l Electric Brake/BMS time out. NTHSA claim

    It is not intended for the system to lose battery power. By design a loss of power can re-engage the transfer case unexpectedly and cause abrupt mechanical failures. Officially Ford will never recommend disconnecting the battery when flat-tow operations are being performed. It’s explicitly...
  4. Bronco currently selling in similar numbers to Bronco Sport

    More like 98.6% Sold and produced are not the same. It’s definitely accurate to say they’re selling in similar numbers.
  5. Base Model added Badlands Wheels and Tires

    You’re welcome. I believe (don’t remember for sure) that it’s only on Black Diamond and Badlands models, also First Editions naturally
  6. Base Model added Badlands Wheels and Tires

    Well the dead giveaway is the lack of body armor on the forward mount for the lower links.
  7. Flat Tow 2.7l Electric Brake/BMS time out. NTHSA claim

    Just a small interjection about this. The entire lineup of the 2021 F-150 uses EBB, it’s not offered at all with vacuum assist. I’ve posted in this thread a list of vehicles with either standard or engine dependent EBB systems that also are capable of being flat towed Also the 2022 Expedition...
  8. First Windshield Cracked

    They increased the thickness of the glass
  9. What have you heard? Will all current orders be built before the start of production of the 2023 model year?

    Ford Employee pet peeve but FMC is widely used to represent Ford Motor Company actually.
  10. Flat Tow 2.7l Electric Brake/BMS time out. NTHSA claim

    Yes it’s a weeping hole for condensation build up.
  11. Factory Fog Light Switch

    The yellow you’re talking is a pyro device (belt pre-tensioner) and the correct resistance to fake it out should be around 2 to 3 ohms.
  12. Factory Fog Light Switch

    Interesting I’ll have to look into this one.
  13. Factory Fog Light Switch

    PM me your VIN I’ll take a look tonight if there’s a cloud submitted DTC for it. I don’t think any of your changes should have caused this. Edit: Sorry I forget we are in the ForScan thread. Can you see any codes that may be pertinent to this? I’d like to know the responsible module and what...
  14. Exploring off-the-shelf tie rod upgrades

    Have you thought about the 14th gen tie rods at all? I may have missed it if so but those are what’s used on the upgraded rack. On the Raptor they changed the knuckle with an F-150 Raptors with minor tooling difference but not sure of the specific differences. Basically a lot of similarities overall
  15. 4A vs 2H. Which gets better gas mileage?

    No the M210 does not have a FAD
  16. 4A vs 2H. Which gets better gas mileage?

    Front Axle Disconnect System Operation Principles of Operation NOTE: Front axle disconnect is associated with open type front differential - DANA M190. The FAD (front axle disconnect) distributes torque across the front axle halfshafts for 4WD operation when requested. It reduces the drag and...
  17. Factory Fog Light Switch

    I’m stupid like a fox! Glad it worked
  18. Factory Fog Light Switch

    If the one I posted for him works yours should be a little different but below (for keeping rear fog) 720-02-02 xxx2 xx--
  19. 4A vs 2H. Which gets better gas mileage?

    There are two M190 variants. Both are open but one has a Front Axle Disconnect and the other does not. Unsure of what trims get what I never dig far on it. But basically the FAD is the M190’s version of the locking diff. Maybe it’s even marketed that way I don’t know for sure. With the FAD off...
  20. 4A vs 2H. Which gets better gas mileage?

    Pulls in with what? The hubs are directly engaged there’s no IWE to disengage them.