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  1. My Little Pony is growing UP! NonSAS Badlands on 37s

    I bought a 2 door for my wife, really didn't like the 4 door. UntiI I saw yours. You knocked it out of the park, home run. Amazing rig.
  2. Vermont Sasquatch Flare Set SOLD

    I'm here Saturday and most of next week
  3. Vermont Sasquatch Flare Set SOLD

    Not in a rush but don't want it to be weeks.
  4. Vermont Sasquatch Flare Set SOLD

    My wife's Bronco Surprise got hit in her mother's driveway with only 4K miles on the odometer. By her brother:( $5000 worth of damage but the shop did an amazing job and its a perfect match. One flare had a tiny scuff on it and the shop replaced it. Apparently the Squatch flares only come in...
  5. Who here paid ADM (Adjusted Dealer Markup) for their Bronco?

    I paid ADM of $499. Had a 7/19/2020 reservation. Dealer gave me his priority build slot. Also gave us $1000 worth of accesories from Bronco satisfaction cash. On a handshake. Brattleboro Ford, Brattleboro, VT. James Kirste is the owner and I am completely happy to have a truck and with...
  6. Installed Sasquatch flares on the OBX

    Possibly. Someone with an AMB 4 door offered me $400 but I thought that was a bit short.
  7. Installed Sasquatch flares on the OBX

    Apparently it is called "Poke" when the wheels stick out past the fenders or flares. Which is fine and dandy if the truck never leaves the pavement or you don't care how much mud and rock your tire throw. I do. So no more Poke and it was a reasonably easy and cheap fix.
  8. Installed Sasquatch flares on the OBX

    Installed the Sasquatch flares on the OBX today. Super easy. I have to say, I like the painted flares better but there was way too much tire sticking out. Looked cool but throws way to much mud and spray. We live on a dirt road and travel long distances on dirt. The pic with the stock...
  9. Surprise Bronco Reveal for Cancer Survivor Wife

    I thought about it. I think it's the way they did the offset and essentially made the face of the wheel flush. If you like "offroad" style your are much more used to the wheel having a bit of lip and some dish. Thinking of the white wagon wheels, aluminum slotted all had some depth, more the...
  10. Surprise Bronco Reveal for Cancer Survivor Wife

    In the midst of so many things that are going on, it is so helpful to recieve these notes from all over. Thank you. PS, I bought one of my Fords in Sulphur Springs and drove it home here in Vermont!! It was my farrier truck.
  11. Surprise Bronco Reveal for Cancer Survivor Wife

    I would love to see a picture when you pick it up. You won't believe how amazing AMB is in the sun.
  12. Surprise Bronco Reveal for Cancer Survivor Wife

    Some of our best moments were teetering between laughter and tears in the midst of the battle.
  13. Surprise Bronco Reveal for Cancer Survivor Wife

    Those wheels are from Black Rhino, purchased from Hubcap, Wheel and Tire in Florida, they had the best price. The tires are BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 LT305/65R18/E 124/121R bought from Walmart. They are a 12mm offset which pushes them out a bit, so I bought a set of Squatch flares which...
  14. Surprise Bronco Reveal for Cancer Survivor Wife

    That definitely made it more of a challenge.
  15. Surprise Bronco Reveal for Cancer Survivor Wife

    Not going to lie. The wait was rough. If it weren't for her story, she may not have her Bronco. We were blessed by help from many to make it happen. I would trade no stupid cancer and no Bronco any day:( I do feel bad for those who are still waiting, everyone is tired of the new normal...
  16. Surprise Bronco Reveal for Cancer Survivor Wife

    A big THANK YOU to all the Bronco6G members who supported my journey through this process!! Maureen LOVES her Bronco. Here is a Bronco Nation article and the video reveal. To those still waiting, I PROMISE the truck is worth the wait. It is an amazing vehicle. See you on the road, on the...
  17. 2DR Auxiliary Fuel Tank

    I have read other threads and posts about it. The only way to do it is EXPENSIVE!! Because of sensors and vapor recovery, sending units etc. You would have to replace the original tank with a larger one, if Ford could have I suspect they would have. Add another complete tank for a dual tank...
  18. 2DR Auxiliary Fuel Tank

  19. Surprise Bronco Reveal Update: Tires and Wheels Mounted and Balanced!

    Thanks!! She loves it. The graphics I ordered are actually for the rocker panel of the Bronco Sport. 36" in matte black and told them to delete the word Bronco...