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  1. Show Us Your Packed Bronco!

    Still don't have mine but dreaming of the trips I'll take with it. If you've got a pick of the back of the bronco packed for a camping, hunting, fishing trip please share them so the rest of us can live vicariously. I'd love to see a 2 door packed to the gills with the seats down but I'll take...
  2. No 1/27 Scheduling or am I an idiot?

    No scheduling today? I know it's usually Thursday but it seems like not this week and everyone but me already knew that. Just checking because I didn't see a post. Anyway, good luck getting yours
  3. Anyone in Maine get one yet? How was your dealer experience?

    Hi New England future and current Bronco owners, Has anyone on the forum gotten theirs in Maine yet? I've seen one or two around town. Just wondering how the dealer experience went. Still no build date for me but just wondering if people are honoring MSRP or not.
  4. Time to see how the bronco stacks up to SERIOUS competition

    I've seen a lot of photos next to jeeps, f150s and 4runners for some reason but nothing against a Direct competitor. Jeeps got a solid front axle, the top doesn't come off the f150 or 4 runner. Let's see how it stacks up to a rig just like it IFS, convertible, manual, with a low range transfer...
  5. I assume my dealer is playing games

    My dealer has told me I that I am right on the cusp between a 21 and a 22. Totally believable given my timestamp but I assume I'm a twenty two. Here's where things get interesting. Another dealer just as close offered me a thousand under invoice while the first dealer is asking MSRP. my current...