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  1. Badlands Area 51 wrapped in XPEL Stealth and Ceramic Coated

    What size tires do you have on this one, as they look really nice? Also, do you have a lift on it? Thanks,
  2. Vehicles Dealer receives

    What does “the number of vehicles your dealer receives.“ mean and what impact does it have on my order?
  3. First Test Drive - Big Bend 2 Door

    It looked better than I thought and it didn’t have the sound damping but still was not loud going down the road at 65mph. I had no problem having a conversation with the sales guy.
  4. First Test Drive - Big Bend 2 Door

    Thanks for this additional information and he did tell me 6 months but I assume his GM knows that it is 7 months. I do appreciate this info!
  5. First Test Drive - Big Bend 2 Door

    2.7L and I liked it as it had great pick up especially with those big tires. I was up to 65 without even noticing it. Also, the turning radius was a lot better then I thought it would be. I was impressed and really like the eco boost.
  6. First Test Drive - Big Bend 2 Door

    You are correct, my bad. Changed in title will change in narrative once I figure it out
  7. First Test Drive - Big Bend 2 Door

    I rode by my local Ford Dealer today and noticed they had a 2 door Big Bend with the Sasquatch package, 2.7 L engine. I have a 4 door Outer Banks but I wanted to drive one. The dealer let me drive it for about :20 and stated that this one is a demo and they can’t sale it for 6 months per...