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  1. Truck load of beauties, including 4WP packed Orange Bronco

    My wife happened upon this truck on her way to work near the airport in Kansas City, so naturally I had to fly over to check it out for myself. I was NOT disappointed. The Orange 6th Gen was dripping in 4WP accessories and mods. It was a fantastic build, and Ford really needs to pay attention to...
  2. Shadow Black Top Work Around

    . Found my shadow black top work around. Gonna go ahead and order my MIC top and let loose with the ol torch. 🤣 In all seriousness, this should work with faded fender flares....removed from vehicle obviously...correct?
  3. Shots fired.

    A Jeep friend of mine sent this to me from one of the Jeep forums. Here we go. Let the games begin. 😤😁
  4. Two 2021 Broncos burn in trailer fire ?

    Love's truckstop in Greenville, IL. Tire fire took out a beaut. Damn truck drivers. ?‍♂️? This was NOT caused by the Broncos, for anyone wondering. This was an equipment failure of some kind on the trailer. I can say with 100% percent certainty, it was either the truck driver running a flat...
  5. Area 51 Badlands Bronco Sport at Thoroughbred Ford KC, MO

    Went for a chat with my local Ford dealer today and was informed their sister dealer in KC had a Bronco Sport on display so had to go check it out. To my pleasant surprise it was a Badlands trim with Area 51 paint. Not sure my pictures add anything to the conversation that we haven't all heard...