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  1. HELP! Am I making a mistake?

    In hindsight, I wouldv'e been better off paying $5k over MSRP for my similar spec Badlands with MIC. The hard top is going to cost way more than that when available as an accessory, whenever that may be. Take the offer
  2. Hey New England, anybody got a positive review for a dealership with NO MARKUPS for their Bronco?

    I saw this Bronco on the lot at Sunnyside. I drive by frequently and check them all out. Congratulations, love it especially in the new green.
  3. How Frequent Are You Spotting In The Wild

    We've seen about 4 in the wild since the Bronco came out, not including the dealer demo that we often passed over the last few months before they were able to sell it. Our dealer in Central Mass has sold exactly five Broncos, including ours in late December. None of our wild sightings have...
  4. Comically fragile windshield

    I've been driving for almost 40 years and have replaced maybe three windshields. The fact that my Bronco windscreen cracked in under 1,000 miles is an issue. Though I'm not necessarily blaming Ford as much as physics.
  5. You CAN get a bronco at MSRP! For real! Oy one way I know of

    Nice! My dealer just sold one of those for $5k over. My thoughts when I stopped to check the window sticker were: 1) minor regret about not getting a Wildtrak and/or waiting for green. 2) They could've probably gotten more. 3) It was probably bought from someone out of town.
  6. Floor heat non-existent?

    Just checked mine, though we haven't had it long and we haven't noticed a lack of floor heat yet. Sure enough, the purple duct on the passenger side was not "attached" to the blower unit. The blue HX2 clip was not there and the duct was not sealed up against the blower. With the glove box...
  7. Has anybody experienced stuck in rail yard delay?

    I called the United Road dispatcher for the local yard and he offered to let my dealer come pick it up. My salesman was ready to go with me and do it. Then he called me to say the owner of the dealership said no. They didn't want the liability. It sat for another week before I took delivery.
  8. SCADABronx

    New England Broncos

    Sunnyside in Holden honored MSRP when I took delivery last month. Not sure if that applies to new orders though.
  9. SCADABronx

    New England Broncos

    Mine sat in Spencer / E Brookfield for over a week, despite the dealer being 20 minutes away. I ended up having a good conversation with the United Road dispatcher located in Ayer, MA and he was sympathetic with my long wait, but was struggling to find drivers for all of his deliveries and not...
  10. Presenting the AWE 0FG Catback Exhaust Suite for Bronco, available now.

    Great sounding exhaust. I wondered if this was the same AWE that installed my Passat suspension back in 2000 in PA, in a little shop near the Naval Air Station. It was a great experience, working directly with the owner back then, who I think did the work himself. I felt so lucky to live down...
  11. 4 Auto / Slippery Mode... not great?

    I have read that you could wear out the center clutch sooner by leaving it in 4A all of the time vs. 2H, based on similar systems in other vehicles. The Broncos equipped with 4A have both a fluid clutch AND locking capability in the same transfer case. 2H will fully disengage the clutch...
  12. 4 Auto / Slippery Mode... not great?

    I noticed the same thing when testing 4A and 4H back to back in the snow. 4A isn't as responsive as the AWD-only systems in my other cars. It could be a laggy clutch in the transfer case, slow logic in the computer, imprecise wheel speed sensoring, or a combination of all three I suppose...
  13. SCADABronx

    New England Broncos

    There's a big automobile rail yard in East Brookfield, MA, which is where my dealer gets most of their Fords. There's another yard in Ayer, MA. Not sure if those yards are serving NH dealers. I was able to track my Bronco from the factory on CSX rail. There are instructions here on the forum...
  14. SCADABronx

    New England Broncos

    Ours came by train to central MA, which took about a week from receiving the shipped email. It took another week for a truck to bring it 15 miles to the dealership
  15. AR | STIRRUP® OEM Rail Fitment, Billet Aluminum Side Step - Brongo6G Exclusive Part

    Send it! (for my kids who need help getting in the new truck)
  16. 🛠 11/22/21 Build Week Group

    Welp, for those of us that remain, there is hope. I signed the paperwork yesterday and should have my Bronco this morning. The owner of the dealership stopped my salesman from picking up my Bronco last week at the rail yard, even though United Road made a "holiday exception" to allow us to pick...
  17. 🛠 11/22/21 Build Week Group

    United Road is going to make an exception for the holidays. Looks like me and my salesman are driving to the rail yard together to pick up my Bronco and drive it to the dealership today. :D
  18. Am I crazy to sell FJ Cruiser for Bronco?

    Similar struggle here regarding our 80 series LC. My wife and I agreed to at least hold onto it until after we have the Bronco for awhile. Driveway crowding is the main concern.
  19. 🛠 11/22/21 Build Week Group

    My Bronco and two Mavericks were the only cars waiting to be hauled to my dealer since Sunday. OVISS just notified me that the two Mavericks were delivered. Bronco is still "Pending Pickup" WTH!? I was prepared to wait until next week, but this is maddening 😫 Did they not have room?
  20. 🛠 11/22/21 Build Week Group

    I found a matching 2DR Carbonized Gray in the background in the 11/29 thread (thanks @ALCO44). Interesting, I definitely didn't roll off the line on 11/29 when my mods popped. Also interesting is that nobody from 12/6 seems to have a build photo yet.