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  1. Gullwing and molle panels for hardtop window [Velox Offroad]

    Not sure if 'Merica joke....
  2. Gullwing and molle panels for hardtop window [Velox Offroad]

    As a non-american the idea that someone would drive around with weapons for each occupant in their car like this is beyond wild to me lol. Love the idea tho, count me in for 4 door.
  3. Lightweight Overlanding Camper/trailers ideal for BRONCO

    Bronco will absolutely pull a 16 OR a 20 without issue. Into a 20 you're pushing somethings many would be uncomfortable with, (I wouldn't) but would indeed be possible. But the 16 is 0 issue with proper loading.
  4. Product Request: Bolt-on rain rails to use common roof racks.

    Exact same spot. Kayaks or nothing. I'm looking to fab something up in the next month or so
  5. Can't pin the phone widget to bottom of Android Auto

    Is this Sirius XM through your phone? I've always found it annoying going Spotify to Ford Sirius and this looks slicker possibly
  6. First Modification?

    Side steps and dash speakers would be my recommendation. That alone made my experience more pleasant and I use em everyday
  7. Transporting Kayak without a roof rack?

    Windows do not seal correctly, you are correct. What might be possible is running them under the roof panels. Didn't try that though
  8. Transporting Kayak without a roof rack?

    13ft on a 4 door. I used pool noodles. Was a bit sketchy but with proper parts be no issue. and yes the other one is hanging out the back... Not a proud moment but it worked for the 4km I had to drive
  9. My custom fabricated "Hutch Mount." Drop-on two bolt weekend winch mount.

    Thank you mate. My incorrect assumption was it went all the way back. Totally get it now :) THank you
  10. My custom fabricated "Hutch Mount." Drop-on two bolt weekend winch mount.

    Sorry I am slow and I'm just trying to wrap my head around this... If it sits against the recovery loop plate where does it have to go?
  11. My custom fabricated "Hutch Mount." Drop-on two bolt weekend winch mount.

    How does the plate mount to the cradle? Im trying to figure out the need for the set screws if that whole thing is one piece?
  12. 【Mabett】The back for the rear seats for Bronco 4 door has been designed, Coming soon!

    Second this, day 1 buy for me... Sick of this jerks hair everywhere
  13. Pulling the Plug after some Topless Mud Wrestling

    hosed the seats front and rear down, no issue. Dash and console still require delicacy and not spraying directly with hose
  14. What's your unpopular Bronco opinion?

    If you're putting 93 in a stock ecoboost you should buy something that actually needs it
  15. What's your unpopular Bronco opinion?

    More than 4 trail lights (2 clear, 2 amber) in any orientation instantly tells me you have more money than brains Instantly upgrading to tires larger than 35" lets me know you'll never drive offroad Integrated front winches are purely cosmetic and only to help others, if you want to help...
  16. I think I got gouged on the extended warranty

    A conversation as old as time. Extended warranties and pet insurance. Everyone's risk tolerance is different and nothing is a 'ripoff'. Of course they hope you never have to use it, but those that do come out ahead. I always buy it and the last vehicle I didn't get my moneys worth out of it...
  17. Got super glue on the dash 😭 Looking for advice

    Model builder here. For textured surface, 1part baking soda, 1part vegetable oil. Mix that together and let it sit on the spot for as long as you want 2+ hrs at least. Then take a regular sponge to it and scrub. Should come right off. If there is still some left take a rubber eraser to...
  18. RokBlokz Mudflaps Review

    FWIW They are reading this and are offering up solutions. If I wasn't looking down the barrell of customs charges I'd certainly try and work with em.
  19. RokBlokz Mudflaps Review

    Did you just email them? I'm waiting to hear back