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  1. Dealer placed my reservation and then added ADM. How screwed am I?

    Did you have a reservation when you ordered? If yes, the right person at Ford should be able to pressure F'n Phil Long Ford since there should be no ADM in that case. If no reservation, then moving it would be your best option, if it is possible. Most people have not been able to move...
  2. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    Same. Tracker now says "In Transit". Yay!
  3. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    Still waiting on shipping info via rail with a 5/11 blend. (784/850).
  4. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    The Tear Tag is basically the final factory computer configurations for motor/emissions. It allows Ford to identify any changes made to a vehicle concerning its emission equipment, calibration or any change from the standard emissions configuration. It also allows any updates to be controlled...
  5. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    Tear tag just showed up (late 5/11 build).
  6. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    'Built' letter from FoMoCo received at 1:58am this morning for a late 5/11 build. 👍 Great news! Your 2022 Bronco Badlands™ 2 Door has been built. Right now, we are performing some final inspections on your vehicle to get it ready for shipment. While this could add time to your wait, it ensures...
  7. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    Yay, it's alive- modules popped! 784/850 on 5/11.
  8. article on the 2.7L failures
  9. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    I'm 5/11, #784 out of 850... still waiting.
  10. Question on BL option

    Your dealer is probably selecting the black Sasquatch wheels and not the optional black Badlands wheels.
  11. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    Sorry, not fair, but, truly, what's another week at those point, huh?
  12. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    Same here 5/11 on sticker and app says 5/10.
  13. Anyone install black lug nuts?

    Mine are original equipment, I lug them around every day, but they're not black.
  14. MIC Top Ford Sound Deadening Panels Installation Question

    People have said the factory sound dressing material does not do much to quiet the cabin of the Bronco. Below is a link to a process a guy used. He was in a similar situation as you find yourself and ended up with a great solution you may want to consider...
  15. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    Yeah, that is crazy! Having to wait and see so many people order much later and receive theirs has been hard. My order went through in 2021 and then had to resubmit it on October 13th for model year 2022. The only thing I changed was dropping the tow package in late 2021 (that's why it shows...
  16. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    There is also model year 2021 price protection for those of us who placed reservations prior to the cut off in March of 2021. My reservation was on July 14th 2020 so it qualifies for model year 2021 pricing.
  17. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    Right?! It sure does not feel real after all this time. Yes, I kept pressing refresh on the reveal night for hours and finally gave up. Set the alarm for 3:45 a.m. and finally got through at 4:00 a.m. It really has been an ordeal, huh? Well, if things go smoothly, we'll get our Broncos in...
  18. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    It goes by your reservation date. If your reservation was made prior to March of 2021.
  19. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    Been thinking about you and praying it would come through! I am a 4am on 7/14 and you're even earlier on 7/13. Happy for you - congratulations!