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  1. US Mag Indy U101 Truck

    Am I the only one that likes the clean, classic look of these rims?? I have reached out to the company and while they don't have this style as a "stock" option for Bronco...they have 17X9 'blanks' in stock that can be custom drilled to Bronco bolt pattern spec. I love the look of them that...
  2. Ford should price the MIC top in the parts department better

    So, if you "settled" for a soft top due to the unavailability to get a Bronco with the MIC top, I think that Ford should sell the top at a price that is not closer to $7,000 at the parts counter. My local dealer wants just shy of the 7K figure to obtain one...that is crazy.
  3. Top folded back in Feb in central NY...

    So, seeing as I have this cool "convertible", I took advantage of a (relatively) warm 55 degree day in Central NY with the sun shining brightly...I popped the top for the drive home from work...c'mon Spring!
  4. The "dance" is over - she is in my driveway

    As frustrating as some find it (yes, sometimes me too) the "dance" of buying a Bronco has come to a close and I have finally parked a 4 door, Black Diamond, Mid-package Area 51 color Bronco in my driveway. Now, to order a MIC top....another "dance" begins
  5. Ordered...again

    So, finally had enough of the excuses and lame "all the dealers put ADM's on Broncos" bullshit and ordered another Bronco from a small dealership 22 miles from me....we'll see how that goes. They promised me no ADM's.
  6. Cancelled my order

    So, I have found out that my order was changed to a 2022 (no notice from dealer) and it is now priority code 99 (do not schedule). I have decided to wait for the supply issues to be corrected and I will revisit my desire to own a Bronco in a year from now. Order was cancelled by me due to all of...
  7. About to throw in the towel on my order..

    This will be welcome news to the Bronco illuminati... I test drove a 2020 leftover Corsair reserve and really like it...they gave me some interesting numbers for my trade too.....maybe I will buy the Lincoln and when my Bronco finally gets built, I might just trade the Corsair for it....or...
  8. Dealer called, they got one...

    So, my salesman calls, they got a Bronco in that I can look at, sit in, test drive....2.7L Outer Banks, soft top, 4 door....I went, I saw, I liked (except the soft top)...that'll hold me for a little while as I wait on mine.
  9. Bronco vs Lincoln Corsair Reserve

    Not really any comparison, but I had a 2011 MKX and now drive a 2017 MKC and while I am excited about my 2021 Bronco BD 4 door, I just sat in a Lincoln Corsair while my MKC was at the dealership for State inspection....ooooh, that Corsair was nice....if I get in the Bronco when she arrives and...