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  1. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    Just “Pending”
  2. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    I should count myself lucky. I’ve only been in the “In Transit” status for 10 days. However, tomorrow will mark 30 days since my vehicle was built. I’m still hoping I will get the Bronco by the end of the month.
  3. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    I’m still in “In Transit - Pending” status this morning. It doesn’t seem like the trucks in this group are moving and the average wait time is increasing every couple of hours. I am to see more people regularly taking delivery of their Broncos. It gives me hope!
  4. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    I don’t think that is true at all. The order tracker app has always updated my status long before I’m notified by the dealer or Ford. I think it uses an API into Ford’s public system to retrieve information along with metrics that is has collected over time.
  5. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    Yes. I’m in “In Transit” status. I’ve been there for about two weeks now.
  6. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    My ETA delivery date was 5/7-5/15. There are almost 600 broncos in that group and they keep increasing. I’m still pending for shipping.
  7. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    We are at the point where you can’t assume past results can predict future events. A.k.a this is delivery roulette. A Bronco with the same Blend date as mine, built 20 ahead of my vehicle, was delivered to my dealership Monday. But mine is still pending pickup even though it never had any chip...
  8. Ford Screwed Me - Damaged Bronco, Unfit for Sale, No Options

    This. Ford should announce a new “On-Roadeo” where you can arrive to the plant with a group of strangers to pick up your Broncos. Here is the agenda for the day: 1. Orientation & Introduction. 2. Delivery QC inspection school. 3. Parking Lot Hunt for your Bronco. 4. QC your own Bronco. 5. 20...
  9. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    Can you purchase the oracle light up letters and add those to the base grill?
  10. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    Small update today. After the order tracker app indicated the status changed to shipped on Saturday, I got the official Ford Email that it shipped yesterday. The Ford Email said it would arrive between 5/9 and 5/15. However, the order tracker app says shipping is still pending. Assuming the...
  11. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    Wow. Its unfathomable how the system could be so broken that two $60k Broncos could be built for a single owner and not once during the whole process does any communication reveal the error. Glad you got what you wanted!
  12. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    A velocity blue badlands with tow? Did you steal my order? Ha! It looks phenom.
  13. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    Pics or it didn’t happen. ;)
  14. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    My sister bought a Jeep late last year and is waiting for me to get my Bronco so we can hit trails together. She asks me where my Bronco is every time I see her.
  15. Just hilarity at this point. Shame on you Ford

    Quite likely. I ordered over a year later than you. I didn’t want to order until I had the chance to drive a mannequin. My salesperson said I was about 200th in line by that time. So they knew their way around the order process by the time I got in.
  16. Just hilarity at this point. Shame on you Ford

    It's strange that we had completely different sales experiences. I went to Woodhouse in person, told the front desk I wanted to order a Bronco, and they directed me to a salesperson who sat down and went through the whole process with me. I was savvy enough by that time to know I needed a...
  17. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    This morning the updated my Bronco to "In Transit" and the Ford site says it was shipped! My estimated ship date was 5/9-5/15, so I'm a little bit ahead of the estimated schedule. I love progress!
  18. Just hilarity at this point. Shame on you Ford

    My experience with Woodhouse has been amazing so far. My salesperson keeps me up to date and replies to emails quickly. I have a signed purchase agreement for MSRP on my order.