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  1. Deep Sleep Mode

    I came home from a trip in my Bronco. About an hour later, I checked my FordPass app and had this notice ( see pic below ). I’ve put 13k on the odometer and never had this happen. It tells you how to deactivate it, but I never activated it.
  2. FordPass Agreement

    I was going to my FordPass app to check my oil life and before I could access my account, it was required to click on “I Agree.” It was a tremendously long list of conditions. Among other things, your driving stats (speed, braking, etc…) are shared with other entities. A real “Big Brother “...
  3. Is the 2023 MOD Top still in play?

    Is Ford still saying 2023 models can get a painted MOD Top? We all know people who have literally held out for almost 2 years for this one item. What a kick in the pants if you can’t get MOD tops in 2023.
  4. Fire Extinguisher Mounted Pics - Post Em!

    There are a lot of good ideas out there, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Show a pic of your fire extinguisher setup. Everyone needs one on board, but not everyone has thought it through. Maybe one of these pics will motivate someone to, “Git er dunn”. Here’s a pic of someone’s Setup...
  5. OE Sasquatch replacement tires

    I'm probably going to replace my OE tires with something different when they wear out, but if I had a tire destroyed with only a few thousand miles, I would want to get a matching tire. As most of you know the Territory MT is basically a wrangler tire without Wrangler on it. Instead it has...
  6. BSCE Trip vs. 2.7 Engine Failure

    I went to BSCE in my WT with 11k on the odometer. My engine # is 21228. Felt pretty good about that, however, I had never been on a trip that was more than 130 miles one way. I went to the BSCE in TN which was nearly 600 miles one way. In the back of my mind was the 2.7 engine fiasco. Even...
  7. Hard to Believe, but True—-BSC-TN

    I made it to Townsend, TN this afternoon. Townsend is home to Bronco Super Celebration East. I drove 8 hours and saw NO 6G Broncos until I pulled into my hotel parking lot (only saw 2 at hotel). Almost 600 miles on a major east/west interstate and not one Bronco. I figured as I got closer to...
  8. Sweet Deal If You Are Interested

    I bought a bug/rock hood deflector from Ruxer Ford accessories. I never put it on. It’s just like the one in the picture below. I think I paid $89 +$15 shipping. I’m bringing it with me to Bronco Super Celebration East. I’ll be near the Bronco Nation tent at 9:00A.M. on Wednesday, April 20...
  9. Mudflap Thread

    This is purely for entertainment purposes. It has no helpful content or redeeming value. Post pic of a mudflap you have admired, desired, or even mocked and ridiculed. I’ll start with the official mudflap of rednecks everywhere.
  10. GY OEM Sasquatch tires

    Simple question. Does Goodyear sell the OEM Sasquatch tires WITHOUT Wrangler on them to the general public, or only to Ford for factory production? I have searched and cannot find such tires, even on the Goodyear site.
  11. POLL: Bronco Super Celebration East 2022 - Your Plans?

    I plan to attend and travel in my new Bronco. I have not, however, reserved a spot on the show field. I have been to two BSCE and had a great time. I highly encourage it if you can go. April 20-23, Townsend, TN.
  12. Trip Interpretation

    Below you see my trip screen. I understand everything, for instance, hours driven and mpg. The last category (with the red arrow) is some sort of, “from point A to point B” counter. I’m not sure how this works. I would appreciate a little explanation if someone is familiar with this...
  13. 10,000 Mile Club Thread

    If you have reached 10,000 miles in your Bronco, join the club so to speak, and share some information. I think it will be of interest to most Bronco people. I’ll start: 2021 2 door, VB, WT 10,005 miles Delivered 10-18-21 2.7 engine Julian date-21228 MPG-city 18.3, Hwy-21 Problems-none
  14. A Real Hoot!

    I was driving my 2 door VB, WT down the interstate when an awesome blue 69/70 Camaro came up behind me. Muscle cars may not be your thing, but if they are, this thing was about as good as it gets. As this work of art went around me, everyone in the Camaro was about to break their neck gawking...
  15. 2.7 #21228 JD 8/16

    I want to start a thread for 2.7 Julian date 228, which is an August 16 2021 build. Just share a pic of your engine label, if you would and share your mileage. Maybe it will help build a little much needed confidence. Naturally, I’ll begin. WT, 2 door, delivered to my dealership on 10-15-21...
  16. Practical Fire Extinguisher Placement

    Pic Below shows my placement of the Element fire extinguisher. It is held in place by a magnetic holder (sold by Element). I'm really pleased. There is a demonstration of the extinguisher on the Element website. In addition to the Element website, Jay Leno featured it on his show and is a...
  17. Need help decoding 2.7 label

    On the 2.7 engine label there is a code which states: MB3E 6007AA, some are showing MB3E 6006AA. What is the significance of this code and also, what is the difference between 6006 and 6007 since this is the only difference in these two codes?
  18. Factory Tool Kit pic request

    As those of you that have your Bronco know, a tool kit is included from the factory. I am wondering if I have a part missing out of my kit. I would like to make a request for someone to open their tool kit, take a pic and post it here. That way, I can see if I have all the pieces in the kit...
  19. Turbo Lag

    I have the 2.7. It is the first turbo I’ve owned. I am used to a V8 and V6 supercharged. The 2.7 is plenty strong, complaints. My only concern is the turbo lag in situations where I need to hurry up and get out of the way. I’m having to always second guess whether or not to, “make...