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  1. I cancelled my reservation master thread

    Cancelled 7/27 reservation I was pushed back to MY22 like many others ... The Bronco is Badass!! 2 door is best!! The one I saw at the Auto Show was amazing, bigger than expected and I may go Basesquatch in the future and build it up ... - Have had some time to consider a pick up truck and how...
  2. B6G Poll: can you drive a manual or not?

    The exedy stage 2 clutch on my Mustang kills me in traffic .. so a Bronco in Auto for me it is
  3. Hot Wheels 2021 Bronco 2-Door THEY ARE HERE!

    :cool: Oh wow! I collected over 200 mustang gt matchbox and hot wheels ... Here I go again ...
  4. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Do you happen to know when Ford plans for MY22 Order Banks open?
  5. What’s your hold over vehicle?

    Those white walls and top! :love:
  6. My KOH Bronco ride Mega Feedback Report and new information gleaned

    Thanks for the feedback ! The interior sound, comfort and speed report back better than jeep ... just as I hoped and expected
  7. Experience the KOH Bronco ride-along vicariously in this Badlands 4-Door 2.7L video

    Your avatar is great bro! 🍻 Thx for the vid!
  8. Area 51 Black Diamond Interior + 8" Inch Screen Photos

    They removed them not sure why @Administrator
  9. Reservation for MY22

    Just let your dealer know you want to wait .... and you keep your place in line. B&P for MY22 late summer ... December MY22 begins production ..
  10. Cyber Orange Wildtrak Bronco with graphics decals applied

    4dr CO looking really good ... I was wondering how this color looked on a 4dr .. the black top helps .. 4dr with MIC not so sure it will have the same affect ..
  11. 📸 First VELOCITY BLUE Broncos (and vs Lightning Blue) -- From the Factory!

    I wasn't upset that I got pushed back to MY22 until now .. Velocity Blue look really really nice !!! It was my color choice ..
  12. The 2022 Bronco Club.. What next? Disappoint or Happy?

    Love that combo! ... How long b4 B&P reflects MY22? ... after the long by september nonsense with MY21 b&p ... here we go again lmao!
  13. The 2022 Bronco Club.. What next? Disappoint or Happy?

    7/27 reservation Pushed to MY22 Green is a must! New wheels for Squatch Matching green interior accents